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Sultan Classic RS vs Sultan Classic 4dr

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The sultan classic rs is a 2 door version of the sultan classic 4door, For some reason the 2 door is significantly limited compared to the 4 door and i think it should not only be even but also perform better due to being a coupe and having the same/better stats, so i think it should have equal performance or better as well as the speed cap taken off as how a sulatn 4 door with slicks can go 220 but a sultan 2 door with slicks is limited to 194, The 2 door should accelerate faster and have a higher top speed.

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This is not due to the server, rather due to the game itself. The 2 door version is part of the Tuner DLC released for GTA online and when the cars first came out they were much faster than other cars in the same category leading Rockstar to nerf them, they were nerfed to the point where they are now nearly unusable in online races and that affect has obviously happened on the server. I don't know much about editing base cars so I'm unsure if they're able to be changed. The tuners also have lost the ability to break boost, this is incredibly obvious when driving something like a Calico, when you attempt this mechanic in one instead of accelerating faster than normal the car is stuck travelling at a constant 60-80 km/h. I hope that it's fixable and something is put in place to make Tuners more viable for people to use, I love the look of these cars and I enjoy seeing them being driven about.

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