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Francesco "Spider" Escobar

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Francesco Ruiz-Escobar. Born from Cuba. Son of Hector Gonzales-Escobar and Julieta Ruiz.

Francesco's life wasn't easy. He grew up in a low-income family and everything he receives came out from work. Even when he was a child, When he badly wants something, he gotta go and work for it. That was the lesson his father embedded to him. "If you want something, you gotta earn it, muchacho." Francesco at a young age he had been in and out of  Department of Social Welfare and Development because of crimes he has committed. He had undergone rehabilitation as a child whenever he got caught, and it would last for months before he gets out of the DSWD.  His father was so strict that he wouldn't even pick his son up from the welfare, and "bail him out." Instead, his father would always say; "You earn it."  When Francesco got out of the rehab center, his father and mother decided to relocate and live somewhere else in Cuba. His father knew that Francesco's friends are a bad influence to him. After they have moved, Francesco gone low for awhile, and started going to school. But that didn't lasted forever.

When he stepped on his teenage years, he started seeing his old friends. He can't help but noticing his friends are rolling in SUVs and other medium-end cars. He was picked up as he was on his way to school by his old friends and he didn't hesitated to come with them. Francesco's best friend Paco, started telling him stories on how he got money, the car he's driving and everything. Turns out that his best friend started boosting money and was the son of a Head of Cartel in Cuba. Paco keeps on telling him stories after each stories and no doubt that Francesco started to like the idea that his friends are telling him. But of course, his best friend Paco wanted him in. So he immediately started an initiation to Francesco without his knowledge that he's getting initiated.

Francesco met up with his best friend Paco in his place. As Francesco is approaching the place, he can see so much people around looking at him. When he got to Paco's house, as he knocks - he got jumped by 6 people. He got beat up, and punched everywhere and he started fighting back and he managed to knock 2 out of the 6 guys who were jumping him. He lost all his strength and gave up to the beating. Then, as he glanced upward he saw Paco looking at his watch seemed to be counting.. "veintiocho.. veintinueve..treinta. ORALE! Stop!" Then the 4 people left who were jumping him stopped. Paco picked Francesco up the ground and shook his hand and hugged him. "Great job, hombre. You knocked out two of my people, mierda you look like Anderson Silva, eh? Fucking Spider!" Francesco was totally confused. "What the fuck is this about, Paco?!" Francesco angrily asked. "Hey hombre, you said you wanted to be part of this, eh? You wanted the cars, the money, the chicas, eh?" Francesco remained silent. Paco continued and explained to him what is it about and emphasizes; "You are done with the first step, hombre. Now get some rest, i'll talk to you in a few days."  Francesco was brought home to his parents place. His parents noticed that Francesco is full of bruise and immediately given him first aid. Francesco denied their help and said; "Those bullies at school did this. I never wanted to move out of our old place. *sighs*" Francesco walked straight to his room and just went to rest leaving his parents in doubt.

After a few days came by, Francesco hears a honk outside their house. He saw Paco and his friends in his SUV. Paco asked Francesco to come and Francesco came with them. Paco told him; "This will be the last thing to do, and you're with us hombre." Francesco just nods. Paco pulled up in a huge compound and instructed Francesco that inside is a '67 Impala. "Inside is your dream car, Spider. The one we was talking about when we were kids." Francesco nods, took some tools from his friends and went inside the compound. There were no one inside the compound but several boxes and in the middle there was a '67 Impala. Francesco didn't hesitated and went for it.  As he successfully opened the car, he checked the visor for the key and a key dropped from it. He started the car and as he was about to exit the compound, 4 SUV from his back started following him. He keeps on contacting Paco but he cannot reach him. Then one SUV started pulling up on his side and told him to pull over. One guy from the backseat of the SUV even aimed a gun at him. Francesco stepped on the pedal and tried to lose the cars. After a few more second cops came and started chasing the SUVs. Francesco got off the chase. With no where else to go, he decided to go back to his house. He pulled up the stolen car on their alley, and as he came home his father sends him a hook towards his face and held his shirt collar. "Do you realize what you've done?! Huh?! Now everyone's gonna find you, and kill you!" Without any hesitation Francesco was brought to the airport by his father, and his mother carrying Francesco's bag of clothes. "Get inside the airport, go to departures. Here's your passport, get to Los Santos. Your uncle Emilio is there. He'll take care of you until all of this is finished. Now go!" Francesco went and started to board the plane.



Francesco came to Los Santos after a few hours of travel. When he got out of the airport terminal, he quickly grabbed a taxi and gave the taxi an address. His uncle Emilio was renting in a motel and was expecting for Francesco.



As he gets in the room of his Uncle, he knocked and comes greeting him was his uncle and immediately hugged him. "You fucking rascal! The fuck is wrong with your brain, muchacho? Damn these generation nowadays are fucking insane!" Francesco just smiled a bit and went to unpack his stuffs.

After a few years came by, Francesco did various of different works. Such as being a delivery boy in Courier's HQ. He even did farming jobs at Paul's farm which is a friend of his uncle. He also did garbage truck job in order to help his uncle to pay bills and his rent, and aswell as purchasing his own needs. When Francesco reached 24, he started to apply for the Downtown Cab Co, and hopefully he could make a better living off it.



Francesco started working his way up from trainee to his driver's position in a matter of 2 years. He felt like this was the job for him and he is making some cash off it. After a few struggles with customers and other things that hinders his success, it came up to a day where he never expects, and his other side getting triggered. One day, while he was on duty as a Driver, he was confronted by criminals who robbed him.


His savings for that day was all taken from him. When one of the criminal decided to pistol whip his jaw, he fell down and said himself; "I've had enough." He started to fight back, and managed to take one of the robber's gun and shot one of the criminals down, but one of the criminal shot Francesco down and last thing he knew was he woke up in the hospital. Brought to this tragic moment, Francesco started to get his bad luck. After a few days working, he was kicked out of the Downtown Cab Co. His taxi was inspected with cocaines, and other drugs and he was immediately terminated from his work. More of it, his dashcam reveals he was picking off locks of other vehicles not to steal them, but to take any valuables inside the car. Francesco knew that if he ain't gonna do something "more", he ain't gonna earn. So, after he got fired. Last thing he could do is bring back his dark days with him. 

ydxOFND.png yVMlbKD.png 2XN9gzO.png


He started boosting cars again, and met few friends that introduced him to drug laboratories, and he started robbing small stores. Now, he's been earning a lot more than doing those jobs he used to do before.  Now, he didn't have to steal a '67 impala, a car he wanted since he was a kid. From all the money he has been earning, he started to buy one. And from that day,  Francesco lives up to his name "Spider" given by his old buddy Paco to him. Now, he usually rolls up in his '67 Impala around the city. He tries to reach his family back on Cuba, and until now he never receives any replies from them. Francesco has thought of coming back to Cuba for some time now, but he is still afraid of what's still lurking there, or if ever he'll see his family dead. For now, Francesco still thriving and enjoying his "high-earning" lifestyle.





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