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Add a coroner job in Los Santos

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One of the random pain points I have on a daily basis as an LEO character is handling dead bodies.  We currently have to load the bodies up in our cruisers, drop them off at pillbox and then file a /report 1 to despawn them.  While there are other solutions to this, if the server wants coroner to be its own separate civilian job, I would highly encourage there to be a job hiring and drop off point in Los Santos.  That way, the burgershot calls I make to 6666 on a regular basis might actually be answered, and let me go about faction duties, rather than dead body taxi to Pillbox MD.


This is also a rehash of @ZanderDoggo's thread here:


Just over the past two days, this has been some of the bodycount at burgershot that I personally have responded to.




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Strongly agree that the dead bodies on the server need to be improved. Dealing with dead people at Burgershot is tedious enough, and it's way worse whenever Law Enforcement is responsible to clean up 30 dead bodies with 5 people at a drug lab. If this isn't improved with the mechanics and script, then moderators should at least delete bodies.

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25 minutes ago, Waryerz said:

then moderators should at least delete bodies.

We do, and it's tedious to do so.
I would like to see some form of change for dead bodies, they last an hour which is a pretty long time.
I feel like a body should automatically generate a 'call' for a coroner after X amount of time. Reliance on players calling them is absolutely not working in bringing in workers to the freelance job. One in the city could also be beneficial.

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