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This faction thread is completely Out Of Character (OOC). Absolutely no information gathered here can be used In Character (IC).




Weazel News is a massive news network with several divisions. These include Newspaper, Digital formatting and video teams. All of which are used to exercise your creativity and ability using both graphic design and brain power. Weazel news gives people a diligent outlet and freedom to create. Content is gathered and produced every 1-2 weeks with the exception of breaking news and spontaneous events. This is done through efforts of teamwork and processes. Truly a learning experience from all angles!

Here’s a fun fact about Weazel News:

  • Weazel News is a parody of Fox News, as both weasels and foxes are mammals native to North America.


In the early years of the 20th century, Weazel News and specific national broadcasting companies began to regard the importance of communication. Beginning with broadcasted radio shows and shortly spanning to other means of entertainment to quench the national demand for information. As the people began tuning in, the era’s began to evolve. As a result of this, Weazel News began to  incorporate new basis of distribution. Today, Weazel News proves itself as not only a source for viewers and readers alike but a legacy and a fixture in every household nationwide.





Carrying the signature Weazel News logo, this particular vehicle has been the backbone of the company for many years and years to come.



Rumpo Custom:
It’s large tires, open treads and flexible suspension helps us to get to even the most uncommon of areas.



Oracle XS:

The perfect fit for our management team.

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