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Klaus Hunter

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Klaus Hunter’s Story


This right here is Klaus (Slick) Hunter. He is 23 years old living in Los Santos. He loves anything to do with a gun; mans is a menace. He does anything from robbing ATMs, stores, banks, and people in labs.


 He used to be a part of a gang called Royals. He was in the gang for about 7 months and it was the best time he had ever spent with a crew… That's till it started crumbling from the inside. It started with management when his brother Drake Hunter stepped down and left. Then about 20 other members followed behind, and of course he was one to follow. That's his brother, he had to but they didn't go the same way. When Klaus left royals he didn't know what to do as he hadn't run solo in forever. Klaus, doing what's best for him, called Sway Haze who ran his own gang to tell him he can't do business for them anymore. Sway was shocked to hear that Klaus left and offered him a place with Haze. Klaus said to give him time before hand and I kid you not 20 mins into the talk Klaus joined. The crew's name was called THC (The Haze Corporation). Klaus was ready for his new beginning. Are you?

The Takeover


When Klaus Began to talk to Sway Haze about joining he had no idea what to expect coming in to a new crew and a new family. Now that Klaus was in he met people he grew to love and called a family. They looked up to him because of his experience in the city and what he has been through. Klaus began to grow with his family from doing bank jobs, setting up chops, etc. He was making all types of money and relationships.


Klaus looks forward to his new crew and family as life always continues as so should you.

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