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  1. Hello Senior Staff Members I would like to start this off by saying I don't know who Paul Chyz is the player who had the gun (id21) was Franky Gee. I don't know how I kidnaped the man when Franky radio me telling me to come pick this dude up and follow him so I went and picked the man up from the pier never once kidnapped the man I do not know how he was kidnapped when I picked him up from the pier and in the video you can see this man walking around coming back from atm before he ever had a weapon pointed at him so don't you think if he was kidnapped we would've had weapons pointed at him from the start not letting him free at all. Second I want to state don't know how it was a prison break at all either never was in jail or even attempted a prison break. I don't think I should get reported in this situation cause I never broke any rules all I told the man was knees for the pistol money but that's all I was told and then next Franky gee decides to demand the mans bank account don't know where that came from.
  2. Hello Senior Support Staff I'm really disappointed in myself for not only this report but for telling my self I would do my best not to get reported again but here I am trying to explain myself but the video explains its self to be honest. One thing I would like to say that doesn't help the fact to much I did have dm rights on the guard that I ended up knocking we where in a fight before he ran to chase down another inmate there for me jumping from the top and falling then beginning to finish the fight the guard I was attacking first had a tazer out so by the time I was in his face punching him I didn't think he would have time to taze me so I wasn't in fear right then and there but once the other guard had drawn what I thought was tazer but turns out in the video she had a gun the whole time I did not notice this but still at that distance whether she had a tazer or a gun I should feared for my life but I failed really hard to and just ran head on at her like a idiot and there's no coming back from that I know this the one thing I found myself doing on this sever that I cant shake is knowing when to just give up and I thought I was getting better at it and learning but clearly I am wrong and can clearly see that from her POV. I would like to say I'm sorry to the fellow role-players involved and also the community cause this is how city's are ruined and I apologize. I'm here to accept my punishment's and try to learn from this to be a better role-player not just for me but the ones around me thank you for you're time and reading this and giving me a chance to try to explain once again I am sorry. Sincerly, Klaus Jones
  3. Hello Senior Staff sorry if this is past the 24 hour mark I'm just now seeing this. In this situation I never heard demands such as (get on your knees or I will shoot you..... only heard hands up or I will taze you.) so therefore I thought he only had a tazer pointed at me never seen any form of a pistol just thought it was a tazer so I thought I could get away cause of the lead I had on him was significant enough room to where his tazer would not reach or harm me. If you look at the video and look at my clothing I have multiple layers on so the tazer affects didn't hit me fully so after the games scripted 10 seconds where up know in the situation that I could take the man because he was alone and never had a lethal weapon out. I know I could've handle the situation better just heat of the moment. I never once combat logged in the situation either I ended up leaving my apartment and talking to a a officer rping my way past them and shortly after i turned myself in for the crime since my car was used and they had my name. Sorry again that it took so long for me to answer but I will respect what ever Decision y'all come to and hope you can forgive me. Every time I'm on this sever I have a great time and do my best to follow the rules but sometimes things happen in situations and in the heat of the moment it was easy to slip up. Sincerely, Klaus Jones
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