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Make /vol speaker universal for people in proximity

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When using a car speaker or a normal speaker, I think the /vol speaker <%> command should be universal, kind of like how you'd turn down a speaker or car radio IRL. An example could be that you're fishing with someone or driving with someone, and the speaker is too loud, so rather than both having to do /vol speaker 30, one of them doing it would suffice.

I think it'd add more realism in terms of RP and would just add a bit more convenience. I realize that the audio system implemented has its limitations, but figured throwing this up here wouldn't hurt.

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I believe the purpose of the (/Vol) command is so that a player could adjust the volume based on their personal preference or needs, sometimes to even work and be compatible with their headset set-up (my case). It works similar to the Windows Audio Mixer CP.

I support your suggestion. But perhaps make it a separate command (/VehSpeakerVol [0-100]) to adjust the actual acoustic hearing for the players, and have (Vol Speaker) work as a personal user modification over the other command to not put the purpose of (/Vol) as an Audio Mixer to waste.

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