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requested propperties

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seized propperties
as far as my knowledge goes,
requested propperties can be taken and seized from you
if you are caught with opperatingt with anything illigalin the propperty or
they find something that doesn not fit for the bussiness.

now you cant cook in the appartments anymore, wich i fully support
and i actualy love where the server is heading for its interaction.
you can still cook in the, wich is not doing the magic
except from the 4Gs having the appartment interior.

it only makes sense to have a propperty in case you opperating tables.
and it makes sence that some of us would use a "bussiness formula" to launder your money
and use your bussiness as a cloak to shadow your illigal practice.
these things make the RP more interesting and actualy exciting and funn to do since you can 
give your RP character a bit more of a personal touch.

i feel besides the loss of your investments such as vents, tables, imports etc wich can hit very hard at times
but being taken away from your propperty and not being able to get it back or request another one is 
actualy cruel, YES it makes sense to do so, but it is to big of a loss.
losing a propperty that could cost  up to a few mill is just to far in my oppinion.

beside the loss of the money, some of us really choose for a propperty that they really like and fit their character,
and actualy love the propperty and want to express their RP doing so.
its really about the feeling you get from unlocking those gates from that propperty  driving out with a van full of drugs.
and the shadow aspect you feel from the company mask covering what you are actualy doing.

it would absolutely break my heart to lose that propperty i really liked
and so it is stopping me from doing so, and i cant live up to my fullest fantasy of the RP i desire to expierence.

maybe it was not the intention of "requested" propperties to use them for illigal practice.
or maybe we should cancel out the ability to do so at all for the sake of "interaction RP"
but then we should cancel out also the 1.2.3. and defenitly the 4Gs, because the 4Gs
surpass the update for cooking in appartments. and are willing to break rules for building a floor.

its leaves a propperty the only option left for it "indoors"
i know there are other ways  to get a propperty.
but i am talking in specificly the RP propperty we LIKE, and fulfills the rp character as if it is a part of it.

so i would like to suggest 

could we pay a fine depending on the size and vallue of of the propperty,and the propperty would be locked for a month or 3
depending on the case. and the person could not be caught with serious demeaners.
(example, 2mill vallue=200k fine) and you have to  RP go to court.
to appeal after one month. 
maybe come back a second month
even potentionaly a 3th month
not showing up ? ( okay another fine) just like it is.

i feel that this could give the "court"
a great oppertunity to RP and the criminals could actualy get some lawyers
making even more RP possible, 
ofcourse a case in court would cost like maybe 10K to be set up, and a lawyer another 5 or 10k 
and another 5k to get all the paperworks done for the office of the courthouse and get back your actualy propperty

maybe this isnt ( fully realistic ) but so are more things for balance reasons
and it is a more bare-able way i think.
yet still serious enough to be carefull around the propperty's to not risking yourself
3 months of being disabeled from your money flow and a bunch of fines and effort on top of the losses you took.
i think the same should be done for all the houses to btw (the more court cases there will be then).

thank you for anyone reading this
i truely hope to see some changes around that area
and i am willing to think trough together with the community
so if anyone has suggestions to add or change please do so.

btw i really love where the server is going with the new updates and the additude.
things are actualy better and became less toxic it is something i expierence.
i have been really looking out for such updates and it feels like so manny 
of our desires/fantasy's we had for so long, are actualy starting to flourish.

thank you ecrp for listening to our wishes !!! 🙂


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9 hours ago, LucasMadrazo said:


I also believe there should be a property request system implemented somehow.

but there is on the eclipse government website, however, i think i found a way you can actualy have a lab exploding, but make it RP so that they can never have any proof.
but that you wil have to find ic, i think there is not enough creativity and effort put into building a lab. and i think the bullet can be se easly dodged if the cops dont power game it

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Aside from this topic being quite old, a property request system now exists.

I appreciate and heavily understand the sentiment of losing a property due to committing a crime inside of it, but it's simply just a consequence to an IC action, as committing all crimes can be. Multiple players/factions have pulled off owning properties for extended amounts of time whilst doing illegal activities in them, such as having a drug lab inside and staying lowkey enough to not get caught, all the way up to running an RP money laundering operation out of the back of a sports store.

IC regulations are set in place as you stated in the "I suggest" section - so if you wish to own a property in-game to run illegal operations out of, it's really up to you on how to play it the best to prevent being caught as it can be taken away if found to be doing illegal activities with it. I (personally) know of countless properties that were requested ICly for "legal" reasons, but are actually ran as an illegal building.

In short, a property request system now exists, and requesting a property for illegal activities holds extremely high risk & reward, but it is up to you to understand and work with/against the risks to reap the rewards. In terms of the regulations/restrictions that are set ICly - those are for you to get if you request a property.


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