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List of multiple needed suggestions

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How the phone works is way overdue for an upgrade. I have a few things I feel would be very benificial. 

1. A missed calls section so you know when someone tried to call you.

2. A notification system for texts as if you text a lot of people it takes a while having to scroll down and read them all to see if anyone has texted you. I think there should be a little blue circle by the name if you have a new message.

Heres a few more suggestions I have:

1. Please fix the bug where cars keep levetating and windows smashing. It is really annoying having to pay to park and un-park your car every time the windows randomly smash.

2. Make a better clothing system. (Make it easier to buy undershirts without having to go through all the hassle)

3. You should be able to make a queue of songs to play on the radio instead of having to do the commands every time the song ends.

4. Make a few more legal jobs. There is really only DCC, Police, SADOC and EMT. I think it would be a lot more fun if there were more interesting jobs.

5. Add more options for crime. Right now if you arent in an official faction you can barely do anything.


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