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Make /carurl only usable in the front seats.

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Basically as it says, only the people near the radio should be able to control the radio.


If not for all vehicles, at least the incident job as it is really annoying when a full truck of random people are controlling the radio somehow from the back of the truck, fighting over playing a song over and over again.

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-1. People should be held to higher RP standards and that should be considered NRP tbh. Only reason I think it should stay is because it provides some RP such as RP plugging the phone into the AUX and handing it to different passengers to choose a song, including the people in the backseat, along with other small RP that make things more enjoyable. Once I RPed turning on voice activation on my phone and got 10-15s in the back of my cruiser to choose songs as we drove to DOC just to make it more fun. It might seem small but its some fun RP that would be removed because others are switching songs using NRP methods.

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