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Said Khan

Annual Los Santos or "Eclipse" marathon

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Hello dear community,

I though about event we can RP in this server and after my casual marathon i got idea, why we cant make that in game. So basically my idea is to make annual Los Santos or "Eclipse" marathon. I know map is to small to have marathon like it should be- 42km. But idea is to have running Rp event, maybe around the city and part in it. People can run only on the streets with no short cuts. Before marathon there should be map of marathon. Safety is biggest problem we can get, cuz we need to have big PD and MD forces to close streets, and follow caravan of runners. I think it would be fun, plus opportunity to RP event. To enter marathon people should pay some fee and dress with sport clothes. We can have Winners board in forum for past and present winners. 

Idea it self can be wide RP opportunity with some additions and thoughts.


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Thank you for your patience while this suggestion was being reviewed/researched.

After reviewing/researching this suggestion, we have decided to deny it for the following reason(s): 

  • With our Event Suggestions section on the forums you are able to utilize the section to recommend events that can be taken into account by the Event Team and potentially be ran by the server in the future. This section can be found here

This decision is final. Unless instructed to, do not post another suggestion pertaining to this topic. You will still be able to submit other suggestions on the forums.
This is now 
Locked & Archived


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