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Very new, very nervous

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My name is Nixite117 or just Nix for short. I use he/him/his and they/them/their pronouns and I'm extremely new to rp. I've been watching various rps for months casually and I just fell in love with the idea of this. Here's the problem:

I am TERRIFIED of meeting new people in unfamiliar circumstances.

Don't get me wrong I'm excited to join Eclipse, but I am also super super nervous because I have no friends who do this kinda stuff, so there's no one to guide me through the beginning stages of joining this server. I am super super nervous and I hope I can just find someone who can help me out and help me gain confidence, because I don't even know how to play GTA V normally. I bought the game specifically for this, and I am barely familiar with the controls that aren't W, A, S, and D. I use a voice changer in my streams and in most game lobbies, and I'm kinda nervous to do the same thing here in all honesty. All the same, I'm super excited to join here! Please go easy on me as I am very very nervous. 

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Hey there! Welcome!
First off being nervous for the first time is absolutely fine. You're more than welcome to type while playing if you're kinda shy. Take it slow and place at your own pace. There may not be many recent video guides out there but everyone is super friendly when you play and they'll hopefully all assist you!
If you have any questions then feel free to ask here or in our discord!

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to be honest, friends on ECRP come naturally. The beginning will be tough, as you're trying to find yourself around but after that it will be a piece of cake. Interactions will always happen on ECRP no matter if you want it or not! Don't worry about it too much and you'll be just fine 🙂 - Good luck

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I'm new and super nervous too! Everytime someone says hi, I clam up and get nervous for some reason.

Doesn't help that a few not so great things happened my first day playing. (Another new player tried to rob me, I got pulled over by a cop and later got rear-ended and yelled at.)

Despite all of that, I'm really excited to meet people. I hope it goes well for you!!

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