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Bank ATM rob action bug

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Date and time (provide timezone): 4/24/2022 2:30 am PT

Character name: Jarrold Bohannon

Issue/bug you are reporting: I was feeling brave and tried to rob the ATM in the Flecca in the city but positioned my bike for a getaway if needed. The cops showed up and I hit escape to stop robbing the ATM. The time stopped but the action did not which did not allow me to get onto my bike even though I was mashing F to do so. This led to the cops catching me prematurely. I was able to show them out of game that this happened as I recorded it and they reset and allowed me to have a great police chase that did end with me being caught. 

Expected behavior:  Pressing escape should stop whatever action you are doing and hitting F when near your vehicle should allow you to mount/enter it.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicatehttps://youtu.be/S8HgI2i1Dy0

Vehicle license plate number*: Manchez Scout "MGPO9OXD"

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8 hours ago, SmushyTaco said:

I'm not sure if this situation is specific to the ATMs but in general sometimes you get stuck in an anim, if this happens to you in the future quickly type a random anim (something like /anim dance) followed by Control + 0 and then you should be able to move properly again.

Okay, that's easy enough but when you are trying to rob an ATM you shouldn't have to worry about that. It stopped me from being able to hop onto my bike and the time taken to do something would have allowed the police time to get out and be ready to tazer me. Luckily, I was recording, and the officers allowed me to reset for the chase as I had proof that it was stuck. Just reporting it so it can be seen and possibly fixed. I appreciate your input though as I was trying anything that would work. Maybe I will have /anim wave hot keyed up as the last thing I said just in case.

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