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Make prisons more immersive.

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The prison shouldn’t be as basic as it already is. I realize it’s a NCZ but maybe we could get real guards to start working there, and possibly make prison gangs and stuff like that. 

Maybe use one of the tables to play poker somehow or something. 

Add a hidden tunnel where you can craft various weapons such as knifes that are made out of utensils and stuff like that, and drugs and you can sell those for a very small price. If you get caught you could get consequences IC or something too.

At the moment it’s just a place where people AFK because it’s simply so boring. I realize it’s a prison but there’s still a lot of things that happen in prison.

We definitely need to make a guard system too. It could possibly be a branch in the PD where police officers could clock in to make extra money on the side or something, but it doesn’t make any sense to me that the prison is a STRICT 100% NCZ. Fights do happen in prisons, drugs do happen in prison, and so do weapons.

Another thing about prisons I brought up lightly, real guards should definitely be a thing. Like I said the police officer thing isn’t a bad idea IMO. 

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Since this suggestion was submitted, a faction has been added to make the prison experience more immersive for players. The Department of Corrections is a faction for players who want to roleplay being corrections officers.

This suggestion has been archived.

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