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Allow money trucks and delivery trucks to be robbed.

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It's underwhelming being in a armored van which is supposed to have a bunch of money inside, be of no threat at all. People should be allowed to create elaborate heists to rob a person delivering money when they leave the van. The same should apply to delivery trucks if they are delivering to a burger shot there should be a bunch of food inside or if they are delivering to a gun store there should be guns inside and etc. reply with a +1 if you support the idea.

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-1 I have a hard time supporting this. I love the overall idea, but it would cause too many issues and adjustments to be made. Armored vehicles would have to require more protection and not to mention that a lot of players who do these jobs are new players who are protected under the new player rule, kinda makes it a hit or miss.


I like the concept, but functionally it seems like a lot to have to work on.

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-1 and +1

My thoughts on this are split. As robbing a money truck would be cool, there are many reasons for why it should not be implemented. We can already rob basically every store already, not including ATM’s. Also the money truck job is a freelance, accessible by anyone. I hope you understand how easy it is to abuse such as to get a friend to do it so you can rob it. Maybe the administration team could set up certain roleplay scenarios where there is a money truck being escorted to a bank which is able to be robbed, but regarding all money trucks that is a -1 for me.

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