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Broken jtime

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Issue Being Reported: I got ridiculously high jtime for a crime that doesnt match the jtime (i know its IC problem). I reported it IC:ly to the guards/cops and they acknowledge in /b that there is a bug or someone gave me a jtime that should be not be allowed. I tried asking in /report for help but I get none since its an IC issue. Then I ask in IC (cops,guards, lawyers) and they say the same thing. They dont know why I got high jtime but refuse to fix it. I understand its all rp but its ridiculous to sit 10 hours in a jail without any explanation and no solution.

Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 19.04.2022 1:25, gmt+2

Your characters name: Jamal Lahio

Other player(s) involved: none

Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: -

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Make a /report 2 ingame and have a staff member check your charged crimes and time received to make sure it matches up properly if you believe it was bugged.

Tell the staff member in-game to check this report. I'll leave info regarding it for them in a hidden post.

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