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Insta-Death/Injury from a bullet to the head at close range

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If you have someone at gun point and they dont comply with your demands or whatever (valid) reason you have for shooting them, then why does it take 5+ shots to the head to down them? In real life, one shot to the head at close range would instantly kill someone, so here are my suggestions:

1. If you are within x amount of metres from a player and shoot them in the head then they should take a large amount of damage (either nearly killing them if they were at full health or instantly injuring them). Im suggesting that the shooter should have to be EXTREMELY CLOSE to the person they are shooting for it to do this amount of damage (like how close people usually stand when holding someone at gunpoint).

2. Having insta-death if a player dies from 'brain damage' (aka a gunshot to the head at close range) and spawns at MD rather than being injured as you cant really heal brain damage

3. (to go with an insta-death feature) having a 15 second respawn time where players can loot your dead body after being insta-killed/dying from being injured too long and then the player spawns at MD (the respawn time can be adjusted to make sure thats its not too long for respawning characters)

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