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(Wip)Elena Agent

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Name is Elena Agent, and she was born in 1995.to Alexandre and Joseph Agent, In Los Santos, America.

she have an older brother, which is older than her in 13 years. She and Paul
were always connected, but even so they were different.

they were rich, and they had a big mansion. At her childhood she never really
understood it all, they had…A lot of people in their family. In her childhood, she thought
they just had a lot of people in it.

she honestly was a stupid kid, Or more innocent.

she had everything she wanted, until one day it all disappeared.

In the year 2010, when she was 15, one day when Paul came to pick her up from
the school, a man pointed a gun at her, she was stunned. Luckily, Paul noticed the man and threw a large stone to smashed  that guy's head.
The man passed out, and Paul took his gun, then Paul took him into some bush, and seems he cracked the man's skull with another large stone.
they got into his car, and drove to their  home, fast. The cops almost pulled us
over until they recognized Paul.
When they got to their mansion, they found a lot of bullets around, and then they found
the corpses of their Grandfather, Father, Mother, Uncle and their Aunt.

They were all there, in a swamp of blood. she got into deep shock, so the next
the thing she remember is she and Paul driving to California.

they lived there for a while. Her brother was working most of the day time.
After few months, they decided to return to Los Santos.
she didn’t know what exactly happened.

she always loved the Law and Medical, and she always believed in it. she wanted to become a
lawyer or a police officer or doctor one day.

As she grew older, she understood the way this world works and understood that
there are not a lot of honest men. she believe in Law and Justice,she doesn’t
believe in the people that suppose to enforce it.

she can learn anything because she enjoy it.
she worked at Medicine   for 2 years and she know about the drug, after that she went to the sport as yoga, Tennis.

when she was kid i play music and she wanted to become great Artist but didn't work,
when she made choice no one can't stop her because she really try to achieve goal .
when she was kid she play music and she wanted to become great Artist but didn't work,


Elena Agent was being chased by the cops for attempted grand theft auto, murder and trespassing. She couldn't find a way out. Agent didn't want them to ruin her future career in being a vocalist. She threw herself over the bridge that went behind Police Department, dying on impact. Agent will be remembered.

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