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Prison Roleplay Guide

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Prison Roleplay Guide


This is a guide for all aspects of Prison Roleplay, also known as “How do I make five hours of waiting to be with my friends again fun.”

This guide contains all sorts of helpful things to make your time inside of Bolingbroke Penitentiary profitable and fun!




  • Script Support

    • The store

    • Exchanging stamps

    • Poker

    • Mining

  • Prison Time

  • Roleplay

    • TV

    • Laundry

    • Showers

    • Gym Equipment & Yoga

  • Illegal Activities

    • Fights

    • Theft

    • Smuggling

    • Hostage

    • Prison Break

  • Medical Treatment & Death

  • Rules & Bugs



Script Support


The Prison only has a few script elements mostly in the form of the stamp currency. As soon as your sentence starts, you are given 500 stamps. You can immediately spend these in one of three ways.

  1. You can buy things at the prison store

  2. You can exchange stamps for a reduced time.

  3. You can play poker.



The Store

With the stamps that you are given when you first start your sentence, you can buy a wide variety of items such as food and drink or tools such as the pickaxe (more on that later).

It functions the same as any other store except the currency is in stamps which can only be obtained when you start your sentence, from mining or pinching them from other inmates.

(Note: Although there is an option to buy lottery tickets at the store, it doesn’t make much RP sense if you’re prisoned to have access to your bank account to buy lottery tickets)


Exchanging stamps

You have the opportunity to exchange any stamps you acquire for time off your sentence.
You use the “/exchangestamps ###” command next to the store.
The exchange rate of stamps to time is 7 stamps to 1-second meaning if you exchange the 500 stamps you start with then you will get rid of around 70 seconds of prison.

Stamps also automatically get exchanged for money once you’re released from prison. The exchange rate is one stamp to three dollars.



Poker games are usually short-lived in prison as the buying is over half of the stamps you start with when you start the sentence.
It works the exact same as regular poker however it is done with stamps.
You use the /leavetable command to leave the poker table.



(Note: the stamps under the table are bugged and you cannot pick them up)



The only way to make stamps inside of jail is to mine. To do this you buy a pickaxe at the store and find the ore veins. You then press E onto them to mine the ore. After a long animation, the ore will be in your inventory and then you are able to sell it at the drop off point.




The ores respawn every few minutes so hang around it you want to mine a lot of them!


Prison Time

Prison Time, which can be checked with /jtime, is counted in seconds referring to it as seconds doesn’t make much RP sense.

Refer to it as the following:
One minute = One day
One hour = One month

Divide the number given in /jtime by 60 if you want days and by 60 again if you want months.



A lot of spending time in prison is dependent on a lot of roleplay with script support. Most of the time the guards are available to help facilitate some of this RP but there are times when they are off doing other fun things around the prison. Here are a few examples of the possible roleplay that can occur.


Watching TV

Inmates can use the TV in the rec-room and pretend to watch it. You can stream something you want to watch in the public discord and screen share it.



/me picks up the TV remote and begins to browse channels.

/me presses select on reruns of iCarly.

/do iCarly would be an amazing show!


Guards need to assist with this one but although laundry in real life is boring, it can be fun to RP especially when a step-inmate gets stuck in the dryer.


/me picks up the dirty laundry and loads it into the washing machine.

/me presses a few of the buttons to start the cycle.

/do After 45 minutes, the cycle would end.

/me removes the clothes from the machine and places them into the basket.

/do The clothes wouldn't be stinky anymore!



Showers are usually remembered in prisons for places where soap is dropped. Obviously this RP can be done if you have the consent of everyone around.


/me removes their clothes and turns the taps on.

/do The water in the shower would be freezing.

/me hesitantly enters the water and begins to scrub themselves with a sponge.


Gym Equipment & Yoga

There are a lot of animations to make workout and yoga RP very fun.

( /anim yoga, /anim stretch /anim pullup etc ) 


/me sits down onto the yoga mat and crosses their legs.

/me shuts their eyes and begins to breathe in and out slowly.

/do Would feel totally zen.




Illegal activities 



Prison brawls are bound to happen when you lock two opposing gang members inside an enclosed area.
Fights need to be within the DM rules and require valid escalation before occurring. This is the same for attacking guards.


You are currently incarcerated with a rival gang. You have previous beef on the streets and they're mocking you about being locked in a cell, spitting at you a few times. A guard then decides to release you from the cell so you can attack them.


The prison itself is still bound by the public robbery rules. You see an inmate finish mining and buy themselves some food? Wouldn’t it be nice to get some of that yourself. Be inventive! Check where the cameras are and rob people away from them. The guards don’t have eyes everywhere.


Another guard has a pretty cool hat and sunglasses as well as a few items of food on their person. You trick them into following you into the rec-room where you remove a broken glass bottle from your pocket, point it at them and force them to drop their items.


You are able to smuggle items inside of SADOC within reason. You can smuggle in small items that would be concealable on your person.
You must transfer the item(s) over to the prison guard when getting changed if hidden in clothes. Failing to do so would be considered as powergaming.
A screenshot of the RP with /time or UNIX timestamp should be shown to the processing guards.


If during your time in prison, you happen to RPly gain access to tools or weapons then be sure they you screenshot your RP with /time when using them as this falls under the powergaming rule: “Players must capture time stamped evidence (i.e. /time or a non-cropped screenshot with the UNIX.) performing RP that will potentially influence future interactions and evidence is only valid for 48 hours, death, or until others RP invalidates it.”


/me places a small packet of cocaine in the bottom of their shoe and then slides their foot in.

/time (and then screenshot)

Once you're arrested and made to change:

/me carefully removes their shoes while facing away from the guard. They slip the cocaine out of the bottom of their regular shoes and hides them in their prison shoes.

/do Would the guard notice them doing this?


You can take other inmates and guards hostage inside of prison as long as you have enough RP reason or you have approved prison break approval (see below).

There are a few ways you build up enough escalation with guards from them physically or verbally assaulting you to giving you capital punishments. It shouldn’t just be done because there’s an easy guard to pick up. Make sure that you don’t take random guards or inmates hostage, you need to have prior escalation with the specific player.


You have beef with a guard on repeated occasions, they keep locking you in a cell and have beaten you multiple times with a baton. You're sick of it!

/me positions themselves behind the guard and attempts to wraps their arms around them in a headlock while they were unaware.

/me reaches for the guard's firearm on their belt and points it to their head.


You can only take one hostage per week inside of SADOC as LEOs are naturally involved.


Prison Break

Prison breaks require a lot of staff intervention.
If you’re interested in attempting a prison break you have a lot to prepare before starting the prison break RP.

1 . Decide how you want to RP it. You can prepare the RP by getting tools and weapons but you should not initiate the RP until you have approval.

2. Use a /report 1 and request permission for a prison break


Do not start prison break RP without prior permission from staff


If your prison break requires a hostage being taken then read the information on hostages above however you don’t require prior escalation if the guard if prison break perms are approved.


Medical Treatment & Death

If you are injured by another inmate or guard then you have the possibility of being treated. A guard will take you to the medbay and RPly treat you, once this has been done then you can ignore NLR. The guard will also usually remove any items from you to prevent them from despawning and return them once you have died. 

However, if you weren’t RPly treated then you are under NLR. This means you need to try your hardest to stay away from the people that injured you for 30 minutes.


Rules & Bugs

The majority of regular server rules apply to the prison however there are a few specific rules just for the prison. 

You can find the Prison Rules here!


Current known bugs:

Phones - Although not exactly a bug, you are scriptly unable to use your phone during your sentence.

Desync - Going through doors and cells is sometimes desynced. If an inmate or guard is hugging a door then it might mean they have gone through it but it has desynced. Be careful with RPing with people like this.

Solitary - Falling off the solitary beds sometimes bugs you out and sends you through the wall. If this occurs, submit a /report 2 or ask a guard in /b.

Seeing through walls - Relogging is the best way to fix this.

Prison doesn’t load at all and you can just walk through walls - To fix this you’ll need to close the game and delete client resources then relaunch the game to allow the prison to be installed..

Invisible inmates - If inmates are invisible then it’s quite likely they’re doing anims. Hit f6, go to apartments then close f6 and you should see the inmates then.



That’s all! We hope you enjoy your time at Bolingbroke Penitentiary!

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