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Kade A. Winter

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Kade A. Winter, born on 10/15/1987, is a 32 year old mechanic who enjoys tennis, adventures, action movies, and camping. He is determined and kind, but can also be distant and a bit sadistic.

He is American who defines himself as straight. Currently, he is single and has a soft spot for bad girls. He has a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, Corrections and a Masters Degree in Biology. 

From the age of 18, Kade enlisted into the military, becoming a Navy Seal at the age of 20. His Seal team executed special op's missions, bringing down terrorist, drug lords, and infiltrating a regime planning on nuclear warfare. After serving for 6 years, Kade completed his Seal contract.

Physically, Kade is in pretty good shape. In his spare time, Kade enjoys running, climbing, and a relaxing walk now and then.

He grew up with his brothers, Jason and Jade. After the death of both his parents, he teamed up with Jason, running a small repair shop in Liberty City. After a run in with a gang, both Jason and Kade decided to go separate ways, one moving to Los Santos, the other, Vice City.

Recently moving from Vice City to Los Santos, Kade is looking for work in either the Medical or Law Enforcement field.

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