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Puglisi Family

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The Puglisi Family is an organization, it was founded in 1962 by Anthony Puglisi in LC. It quickly expanded into the city. Seen how San Andreas is a land full of opportunities for criminals, the head of the Family, Joseph “Joe” Puglisi wanted to expand. He sent his son, Donald “Donnie” Puglisi to head the LS Branch of the Puglisis, as a testing ground for his son before he can retire and appoint him head of all the Puglisi Family.


Boss: The head of Organization, has all the power, can kick, mark for death or invite anyone.

Underboss: Whenever the Boss ain’t around or for more trivial matter, he’s the one calling the shots, for anything serious, he gotta go through the boss when possible.

Consigliere: Personal advisor to the Boss.

Caporegime: He’s a higher up, has it’s own crew of Made Men. A Capo can appoint a Made man as his right hand man and to substitute him when absent. 

Made men: 1st official rank of the family, but still important. Usually newly Made men get put in the crew of the Soldier or capo that brought them in. 

Associates: Anyone who isn’t a made men but still works for the family. [It's a rank in the faction but is considered unofficial]

Puglisi memebers will always be protected by us, anyone robs you, you let us know, we’ll find him and take care of him. Any problem? Call us, we’ll help you!

Every associate will be trained and provided with a radio.


Additional positions:

Additionally to these positions, a member can take others positions such as:

Treasurer: Manages treasury, which products to buy and resell.


The Council

Whenever the Boss is undecided or wants to hear the opinion of the others he calls the Council, which is formed by all the Capos (substituted by a Made man if necessary), the Underboss and the Consigliere.


How to find us?

Call or text 4762252



To become Associate: Just get to know any member, either by meeting him (if you meet him coincidently) or call the above number, then we will set up a meeting with someone, after knowing someone just do some work with them and you'll be considered an associate.

To become soldiers/made men: Associates need to make their bones first, either murdering a hit or doing big jobs. They also need to be good money makers for the family. After that, the Don can decide if welcome him or call the Council to decide wether he is fit or not.

To become caporegime/captain: One needs to prove himself first, needs to be a good money maker and have good managing skills.


Dress Code (not mandatory):


Some sort of jacket (any type) is highly appreciated (to further the RP), during events, sitdowns or cerimoines (for the last one it's mandatory) you should dress with a suit, possibly light blue, just avoid anything flashy for sitdowns and cerimonies, with a tie (or bowtie if you want) and a shirt obviously.IC Rules

One must stick to omertà, the "Oath of Silence";

No touching women unless from enemy factions;

No touching other made men without permission from his Capo or from the Don;

No touching any neutral or ally faction member without a valid reason (for example one being attacked or someone trying to steal one's proprety is a reason, but only when you see the person committing the act, after that you'll have to run through the Don)

When introducing an Associate, you MUSTN'T say "A friend of ours"! That's only for made men, you can introduce him by saying "A friend of mine" or anything else.

Try to be on the radio at all times.

OOC Rules

Follow RP and server rules





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