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  1. Like it says at the bottom, it's my brother's account. I don't know his friend, I met this dude and he said he knew a friend of mine, William Chalke, hence the friendship. I'm in a gang so I don't often times trust people, but since he has literal contact with one of my closest friends, I wanted to help him out. This can be proved due to the fact that I was perma-banned due to account sharing, a rule which I was made unaware of.
  2. Regarding the situation with disregarding my life, I didn't see their guns. I thought they were holding tasers as I didn't see them switch to guns, so I wanted to try my luck. Regarding their demands, I didn't want to go to jail, because I had an illegal firearm on me, and I wanted to distract them so my friend could escape. Regarding the disconnection, I got really loud OOC and my mom turned my wifi off so I couldn't re-join.
  3. I looted her body due to the fact that the person crashed into my friends car, causing damage. The person then had an illegal gun and as they're expensive, I decided to commit a crime and steal it. To my knowledge, this doesn't break any RP rules. I'm looting a person that is injured. I'm taking advantage of the situation and committing a crime. (Using this account to comment because it's my other character that my brother uses and I cba to make a new one)
  4. Again, I have no POV of the situation because I didn't deem it clip-worthy in my eyes. The reason you might see me log on just before that event had occurred, is because I use a Blue Yeti as my microphone, and as it's particularly old, it often times disconnects and then proceeds to freeze my whole PC. This is a common issue with the yeti, and I have like 2 spare yeti's because I get them replaced by the company every year or so. If you check up on my previous activity and logs, you can see I often times just disconnect and re-connect instantly or like 5 minutes after because I have to restart
  5. I have no POV of my view because I didn't have a reason to clip it. My story is that, before I drove to the toll booth, I met ID 10 at the mechanic. I chilled around there for a while, waiting for a mechanic to free up to fix my bike as I just came from the city to Paleto. After my bike was fixed, I was going to go farm for a bit more money because all my other friends were offline. I reached the toll station and recognized ID 10 as I had aliased him from earlier and he wasn't wearing a mask. He told me he was just robbed and he told me that he saw the player whom robbed him, run in that direc
  6. - Can you explain why you jumped over such a high fence using a bike? Provide any evidence you may have. I jumped over this fence whilst in a pursuit because I have practiced this route multiple times until I perfected it. In addition to that, the fence isn't that high as I was nowhere near hitting it which you can see in the video provided. That jump is very much do-able in the real world and I cannot see how you would assume that this is NONRP. I even used a dirt bike which is made for stunting and not a sports bike in which case it would understandable to flag that as NONRP. People in
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