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  1. hi there @Jasmine Sorry to comment when not asked but I'd quickly like to add another clip and screenshot of Vic seeing my heavy weapon then me realising it's poor RP for me to go ahead with doing it here so I then switched to doing some RP of hiding my weapon etc here is the clip https://streamable.com/6apq5z https://imgur.com/a/Rekm8ps
  2. Player(s) being reported: First name: ID 422 Date of interaction reported: 04/17/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1618614739 Your character name: Jack Macfadden Other player(s) involved: None Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) – Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay (using script work vehicles for other purpose) How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) - I feel the player broke non realistic roleplay as ID 148 ran me over and he was carrying me to the hospital ID 422 got out of
  3. @Rogers When Dara_Macfadden got you at gun point and dragged you to a more secluded area I drove my bifta down to just watch I have no reason to lie
  4. @Rogers I'm pretty sure its not your job to question this report, let the staff deal with it, all I've seen is you coming backwards and forwards, I did not interact with you in the robbery I had no parts in the robbery, I will no longer reply to you have a brilliant day.
  5. I remember Vince saying on frequency when he was transported to Paleto MD that the clown on the Bf400 was there.
  6. @Timmaayy like I said above I didn't interact with this person at all only told him in /b to not include me in the report I showed no hostile indentions nor got out of the bifta. @Phantaswas the one who was injured and we went too a back up call from him.
  7. As I was listening to goblin frequency they called out Kudo Kai was chopping a vehicle down there so our reasoning to go down there and rob them for the cash from the chops they did, but it all went pear shape as you've seen in the clips posted.
  8. Hello @Archaeah friend told me about this as I wasn't tagged so I only just seen this Jack Macfadden ID 246 Hello, I got off my bike drawn my micro SMG seeing the kudo draw his weapon and aim gave me no chance of demanding anything as he would have still shot me thanks for dealing with the report.
  9. Hi @Timmaayy thanks for taking the time to deal with this report made against me. So our gang were at a drug lab collecting plants holding it down when we had a back up call that one of our guys had a drop and he was injured and some guys were messing with him doing some thing so we got to the drop secured. I then drove down and I saw one of my allies pulling this man off the road to a more secluded area I then drove the bifta to the side of the robbery I had no part in robbing this player so I have no idea why I was reported like I said to him be sure to not add me in this report as I di
  10. Thanks MrSilky & Caesar for looking into this. Jack Macfadden ID 312 here. First of all the items stolen were a radio and 2 .50s with 30 ammo. 2nd Incident. Basically we were at Bayview where goblins where trash talking for a while, I then took the opportunity to climb into ID 44's vehicle to attempt to perform a concealed robbery, my reasoning for this was due to them trash talking assuming because they are in a public place they cannot be touched. I opened the door and climbed in the vehicle when ID 44 then locked the vehicle causing it to non RPly eject me from the vehicle,
  11. Hello Jack Macfadden here, Isaac summed it up I dropped off the chase when I was told to I never shot a single bullet thanks for taking the time out of your day to deal with the report.
  12. Hi @IAmTurtle I hope your having a good day, to start it off, me and a few friends were chopping vehicles in right lake chop shop, Francis was outside scouting for cops cause we heard sirens he came back in to pick me up cause he gave us the call over radio cops were here, I got in the drivers seat knew cops were sitting outside and it would lead in too a chase and I had around twenty five thousand dollars on me a micro smg, .50 with attachment's on both guns I knew I would spend a long time in DOC as I knew it would lead too a chase, So I went up a small banking to avoid the chase like I said
  13. Hi there ID 15 here I honestly thought very small hills were allowed just not big hills if rules were broken here I'm really sorry to the reporting party, and it will defiantly not happen again also ID 203 did nothing wrong. thanks to @Xoza @IAmTurtle for taking the time out of your day to deal with this report
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