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  1. Mikey Kennedy here, Okay, so the player providing the report should show the whole POV before making accusations of not asking for kidnapping consent. The POV starts over 20 minutes after the initial RP scenario and doesn't contain substance of her entering the trunk willingly and us speaking in OOC confirming that this is a kidnap scenario. She NEVER stated that she didn't want to apart of the scenario even after IC willingly entering the trunk and us confirming with her that RP kidnapping will take place SHE did not say that she didn't want to proceed and SHE did not report the so calle
  2. Hello, I really apologize for what happend in this video, this is NOT INTENTIONAL, I've just downloaded this content and was configuring and graphics, my gameplay has been so bad that things are not even popping up, this is a complete mistake. I've fixed my settings to allow me to render objects quicker without delay, this behavior will not continue in the future, I promise. -Vincenzo
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