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  1. Man, if I could do more than a +1, I totally would. This so needs to be a thing. Trucking really isn't that viable at the moment. You kind of just sit around and wait for a business owner to place an order and then hope your fast enough to accept the load.
  2. L0N3W0LF


    Something I would really like to see added in the near future, are NPC trucking jobs. Emulate it in the same way as the courier or the armored car driver. This really should be implemented and would be a great addition to the game. Especially so, since I love to RP as a truck driver.
  3. I keep losing connection. Almost as soon as I reconnect, I lose connection again. My character is in a bit of a situation, to where if I don't get a hold of EMS, I'm going to die. I've restarted my internet and checked my connection several ways, but I still lose connection. Is there any way to fix this?
  4. Hey, My application was denied and in the email, the only feedback on it was "Write your own application.". I'm confused about this, because I did write my own application. Can an admin get in contact with me and explain the reasoning behind this? I asked in the discord and the only response I got was "honestly, not sure. probably similar to someone elses". I'd really appreciate some proper feedback on this situation. Thanks, L0NEW0LF This probably isn't the right area to post this, but I couldn't find a sub-forum for this issue.
  5. Hey folks, Just wanting to check in here. I'm hoping to be accepted today, so I can join you all in the fun world that is GTARP. Looking forward to having some fun roleplaying scenarios with everyone. Cheers, L0NEW0LF
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