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  1. Character name(s): Waxton Campa Admin who issued punishment: krooks365 Date of punishment:6/7/2020 Punishment received: NonRP + VDM Reason given for punishment: Deathmatching | VDM - You used your vehicle to attack another player and attempted to injure them. Although the first hit could be attributed to desync, you used the vehicle a second time to injure ID 467 without proper demands or RP, and without establishing DM rights. In addition, using a vehicle as a weapon in any situation besides in an attempt to flee an area without any other option is prohibited. NonRP | Unrealistic Robbery - You robbed ID 467 on the side of a highway with his allies nearby after intentionally injuring him. Your explanation of what happened: It all started when we were driving by the road, I saw a man running at the side of it and wanted to talk to him, even on the video itself you can see me offering him a ride although I was just trying to talk to him and not actually offer him a ride, I didn't pay attention to the situation and then all of a sudden I see a gunfight, on the video itself I'm being seen running him over twice, both the rams were desync and I could have proven myself if the accusing party told me to save any pov or video cause this makes no sense, how am I supposed to prove a bug if I'm not being told that I'm going to be reported? Anyways first time I am being seen running him over, on my screen he was more to the left and when I drove I saw him with the collision animation, second time I rammed him aswell wasn't on purpose, I saw him running and wanted to chase him with the car or something or even go forward to his direction of running and there exit my vehicle and shoot him down but he ran straight into my wheels and got rammed, but on my screen I didn't see him at the exact location he actually was at, and that's how the rams were caused, cause think about it I had no reason to ram him I know what VDM is and I wouldn't get anything from doing so, we were 2 against 1 and we had no chance to lose it, so why would I even think about ramming him in order to kill or injure? I was also punished for NonRP, which was a wrong judgement in my opinion, I didn't mean to rob him and you can even see it on the video, I was there to talk to him and then the guy who was with me just hoped out the car and robbed \ shot him down, I got out my vehicle only after the reporting party took out a pistol and started shooting the guy who was with me \ my direction, looked the same to me, I tried to drive around him to his running "destination" and there exit my vehicle and shoot him down but unfortunately, I was desynced there and together with my lags there the server probably registered it as a ram and he fell down and the other guy shot him down cause of that, you'll also be able to see by the video that I was shocked there and tried to realize what's going on, I didn't even shoot him there cause I realized I ran him over by a mistake. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I think the appeal should be accepted cause I would never do such thing and use my car as a weapon in order to kill or injure, I know the rules and the reporting party didn't tell me to save my POV in order to prove myself as innocent. Post any evidence or further details: N\A
  2. +1, drug labs used to be full of players cooking or fighting for the chance to cook there, now there's nobody there and it's just empty.
  3. Hello, ID 1 here, the rams were pure desync and I wish I could prove it somehow I have no idea why he didn't tell me that he thought it was wrong or told me he's going to post a complaint and that I should save my pov, on my screen I didn't run him over was just driving next to him, first time I apologized and on the second time everything happened so fast you'll even notice me being shocked there for a moment trying to realize what's going on before I exited the car, stayed inside for few seconds until I saw his friends running towards us with guns and that they aren't willing to pause and void the situation, I'll get a friend to help me record a video which will explain the whole thing, will upload it to here in the next few hours.
  4. Character to Transfer From: Tyler Cage Character to Transfer To: Martin Campa Requested Transfer: Rapid GT $50,000 Reason for Transfer: Tyler and Martin are old childhood friends. Both were born in Las Ventures in wild eras of the '80s. They grew up together and everything, once Tyler reached the age of 21, he decided moved to Los Santos and left Martin behind, they lost contact with eachother. 2 weeks ago, Martin first landed in Los Santos and heard that his old friend Tyler is also in town, he used anybody he knew to get to Tyler, at any possible way, but nobody managed to track him down for him. During one of the nights, Martin arrived at the Tequila-la bar to have fun with some friends, and all of a sudden, he noticed Tyler sitting there, he approached Tyler and they started speaking and catching up on everything. Tyler welcomed him to Los Santos and he feels bad for leaving Martin behind, and now he wants to gift him some nice amount of cash and his old car, the Rapit GT, as a compensation gift, so it'll be easier for him to start off in the big city. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? I'd transfer it with a trusted friend of mine. Does the character you're transferring from have an active loan with a loan company? No Does the character you're transferring from have an active debt? If so, how much? No
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