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  1. East or west Bakmeel is the best

  2. I would like to thank @RedHotfor working hard as a senior admin
  3. Pressing "i" is the old update, new update when youre near the trunk there is a UI and u control it using the scroll on ur mouse.
  4. Admins are so helpful dude, and they always do their work, They also have a life, they have some work IRL. And they will check your application when they can, And if you are gonna rule break ofcourse they gonna report you or ban you to make the server better. Just be patient And belive in urself and Good luck And chill, and hopefully we see you around
  5. One of the best server, Hopefully we see you around
  6. I got one near taco job, check my posts
  7. @MistNinja i Uploaded a new post with pics
  8. Selling 1G House Near Taco Job and Everything Contact me here or ic #5811112 https://imgur.com/a/XkblWlt
  9. I told u i crashed, but i didnt make a crash report as u can see when i got killed it crashed and i instantly tried logging in didnt even take me 5 mins
  10. Selling 1G Near bank Very nice place near everything. Selling 1G Near Taco Job Very nice place near gas station and located in Vespucci Beach #5811112 or Underthis Post
  11. I didnt disconnect, Alot of problems happen to me during Gta 5 and i have talked to several admins about it, and if u check logs i logged it. Ill be sure to send a crash report next time in discord.
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