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  1. Hi all, wondering if anyone has a list of crimes vs how much time you get in prsion for it. Seems i have been serving some lengthy prison sentences recently for not doing a lot wrong.
  2. Dude I drove away from a cop trying to give me a speeding ticket yesterday and had 9 cars on my tail by the end of the chase.
  3. The reason this server lacks crime RP is because all of the big gangs don’t mess with each other. The yellow and blue gang get along and as far as I am aware the blue ones do what they want
  4. Agree. The main problem with the server is if your not in a gang it’s hard to make money because these places are swamped and if you already have a criminal record you can’t get a decent job.
  5. Ah perfect, the clip where you killed me for no reason
  6. +1 too many times I have been put away with no evidence. Rather than increase jail time, you could introduce; if you accept charges you get no fine if you don’t accept charges and lose you get fined
  7. +1 brother. Too many times has me reckless driving resulted in me standing around for a mechanic that never comes. This needs to be changed.
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