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  1. Absolutley Cell numbers are listed above reach out and we will be in touch. ✊
  2. 350k bid number is 3266674 email is #[email protected] ready to buy. ((Wont be in town until later today US EST))
  3. Buying any properties in the Blaine county area. Preferably withing the outlined areas but open to others. My email is #[email protected] and my mobile is #3266674. Please contact with any properties you may be willing to sell. Thanks in advance.
  4. Looking to find out who owns the property behind the Yellow Jack Inn. The one in Blaine County. Number is 3266674 contact me I'm ready to buy and like the spot. Email is #[email protected]
  5. Interested in both numbers 3266674 and I'm in the process of emailing you. Have a great day.
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