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  1. would this type of property be able to be turned into a store? like the 24/7's
  2. Ill give you $100k right now
  3. I'm looking to buy a house near the prison. Looks and specs aren't important, I only care about location. Closer to the prison the better. Text me at 267-1296
  4. BobbyB

    House sold for $0

    Issue Being Reported: I got an alert that my house was sold for $0 when it was listed for $175,000 Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 8/12/2019 Your characters name: Bobby Bands Other player(s) involved: unknown Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning:
  5. The united states isn't a first world country? Because we have a crazy amount of crime here, and more often then not you don't get caught. Citys like Chicago are just as dangerous as las Santos.
  6. where the hell do yall live that police win all the time? People get away with crime all the time. from petty theft to large operations. You just only hear about the times they win.....
  7. I'm selling my apartment at Forum Dr. 10. its tucked away in a nice safe spot just south of the city. Offers start at $145,000 Buyout at the door $175,000 Email me at BobbyB#9843 @disco.com (preferred method) or by text 537-9016
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