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  1. I’m down with that sir, still interested?
  2. Haku Drag - SOLD! 1/5 Suspension 1/2 Turbo Specter Custom - SOLD! Maxed 1/2 Turbo Contact #3157012
  3. daaf


    As I was mentioned in the report, I will speak for Kai Fang, Nikie Zhou, and myself (Lin Fang). We had a talk about what and why they were shooting us assuming we was there for a backup call but we had no knowledge of anything happening when rolled up to sealab. When bullets started flying we started shooting back and that ended up as us dying. After the outcome we had a discussion ooc and things were resolved.
  4. Title says it all!
  5. I have one next to bank if you wanna rent one out for 20k a month ( 1 week ) can text me 3157012
  6. daaf

    [BUYING] Jester

    text me number is above @SimonZ
  7. daaf

    [BUYING] Jester

    text me number is above
  8. daaf

    [BUYING] Jester

    Send me a text please! #3157012
  9. You still trying to sell your Specter? When are you usually in town to be able to reach you. I'm in the US central time zone.
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