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  1. Don't use bags often so I'm pretty neutral, but a bag shouldn't be 150-200 volume when thats that most cars can hold. If the bag's volume goes up, then everything else should go up as well. maybe just decrease the volume that objects take up?
  2. ++++1. Maps are 800 while gps's are 1000??? I'm broke and don't really feel like paying to know where i'm going, especially since most legal jobs require you to use the map/gps..
  3. Charter spectrum, the internet provider
  4. Nvm its been resolved. it was an issue with spectrum
  5. Edit: The disconnecting every minute or so happened even while i was downloading the server resources so it must be a ragemp issue, not an issue im having with the server. I have additionally tried the Social club/steam overlay trick, that seems to work for some, but not me.... Also, i have tried normal gta online and it works fine so i dont think its a steam issue, i have also added everything as an exception to my antivirus/firewall. im completely lost.
  6. So i played on the server for a solid 2 weeks without EVER being disconnected. For the last three days i can be in the server for about 60 seconds before i get the "connection lost" message. internet connection is fine so i dont see the issues, ive deleted the server resources in files, and i have tried using a vpn, and no results. i have tried playing atleast 30 times and its disconnected me everytime. haven't reinstalled rage yet but im going to try that next, if anyone has had this issue or knows a possible solution please respond
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    Exactly 👍
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    Please don't take our Oganizations name the wrong way, we mean no offense. to be fair, "Coon" can refer to a species of butterflies, certain breeds of hounds are referred to as "coon hounds", and oddly enough, Maine Coons (a breed of domesticated cats) can also be referred to as coons. Not to mention, "Coon" is even a surname, so yes people have the last name "Coon". In this case, it refers to a critter that likes to steal garbage from garbage cans and what not, and it NOT oncesoever intended to be a racial slur.
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