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  1. Please don't take our Oganizations name the wrong way, we mean no offense. to be fair, "Coon" can refer to a species of butterflies, certain breeds of hounds are referred to as "coon hounds", and oddly enough, Maine Coons (a breed of domesticated cats) can also be referred to as coons. Not to mention, "Coon" is even a surname, so yes people have the last name "Coon". In this case, it refers to a critter that likes to steal garbage from garbage cans and what not, and it NOT oncesoever intended to be a racial slur.
  2. History The founders of the Coon Gang have had a piece of many cities, and they are finally ready to settle down. Money has never been a luxury, and it's never been a concern either. The rather small gang sticks back streets and alley ways. The Coon Gang has never needed much, just enough to be comfortable, and this has always been the philosophy of the organization. From where they're from, they are known to be somewhat docile, until provoked. They have come to Los Santos looking for a comfortable (illegal) lifestyle, where they can also hopefully make powerful alliances Current situation The Coon Gang is hardly a gang, while it is looking for new recruits! We are sticking to small crimes, just enough to keep us going, and we are doing a great job minding our business. We don't have much, but we are managing with what we have. From stealing cars, the stuff in the cars, experimenting with ingredients, or robbing general stores, we know it all, and we keep it to ourselves. At the moment, we are fairly quiet, and don't pick fights we know we can't win. We can make an impact, we just need manpower. Future plans - Grow Grow Grow - Make an ally - Become official - Recruit 10 members - more to come... Uniform Our uniform is rather simple. A raccoon mask must be worn by all members Higher-ups: Goons: Ranks & Hierarchy Coon King: Hamaad Abadi Coon Pack Leader: Jordan "RED" Rocke Savage Coons: Joe "pat", Coon Goons Coon Recruit
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