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  1. This was sold awhile ago. Sorry for not posting.
  2. Reshy

    ID 152 (Fear RP)

    I’m Hunter Mason, During this situation I came up the stairs and started shooting out with multiple WCA. I wasn’t given any type of demand too stop talking until 13seconds in the video that was provided in the report. Once ID 84 told me too stop speaking, I did.
  3. 600k Buyout cash or trade offer would be ideal.
  4. Considering trades and Cash Offers. Haven't set my mind on a specific price yet.
  5. I appreciate the offer of 1.3M, but currently have another offer slightly higher then that.
  6. 2M Cash would be my buyout point. However open too other trades as well.
  7. The interior of the house has been slightly updated and can be easily adjusted. Able too easily build a side garage if so desired. #2115998
  8. Would you have building privileges around the back side?
  9. +1 I'd say 15-25k for 1/4 of armor or 35-40k for 1/2 would be preferable by most.
  10. I have a maxed Futo, What would your offer be on it?
  11. I'd likely not want to sell unless I can trade up for a 4G. An offer cash on top of it.
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