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  1. I have a maxed Futo, What would your offer be on it?
  2. I'd likely not want to sell unless I can trade up for a 4G. An offer cash on top of it.
  3. Hey, I own the house right below you too the right. It's a 3G and has a super good view and large pool. It's the square looking one. I'm curious if you'd be interested in trading houses and also of course me adding money on top of that. Not sure if you're interested in that at all, but figured it was worth a shot.
  4. Reshy

    Report voided

    Noticed report has been removed so removing my response
  5. Reshy

    ID 86, FearRP

    I was ID 86 in this situation and I will 100% accept that I fucked up here. I apologized too the gentleman that has made the report and I hope too conduct myself better in the next RP experience that I have with him or anyone else within the city. I will make sure I read back over the rules more carefully.
  6. Mainly looking for a really nice looking 2G House, but if 3G is possible for that price range that looks decent then I'd love too see it. Contact me here 211-5998
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