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  1. As I stated before I was not recording. However you are correct if he had stated that we would have started the situation over. If he were to continue with the video his immediate reaction was straight to ooc. But no mention as to this topic. The hit was indeed accidental. I lost control of my jester thus hitting the car. The video only shows the short time I was there after getting the call about the super car being stolen anything preceding I was not aware of. I’ll take fault as far as the possibility of nrp goes. The situation was a cluster of things happening with very little wording amongst anyone other than in whisper as you saw in his video.
  2. Hello, In this situation I am in the Jester (ID123) The video shows him fleeing the area due to being surrounded. As we get towards the end of the video along that last turn you can see that I veer off to the right edge of the road and began to re-correct to continue the chase. There was a electrical pole along the right Side that I was trying to avoid. The collision happened due to that attempt. Unfortunately I was not recording at the time. The hit was by no means intentional.
  3. Hello, In this video I am (ID 135) The man aiming the gun at the cashier. I unfortunately do not have any recording of this incident, however I can state that I did not immediately or at anytime prior to their hail of fire, aim my gun at them. I was aiming at the cashier turned to hide and put my gun away. Once the firing started I opened fire. The photo is definitely pulled out of context, I would like to see the video clipped where this photo was taken. The video would show me putting my gun to the side and hiding behind the shelving. The snickering comment I would also say is not needed. Are you not a member of support? No need to get snippy.
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    Fail rp 157

    Hi. The fall from the roof was far from intentional. Even in such case I have dropped from said roof before and not been downed. No one was near when they arrived I radio in and my crew showed up shortly after grabbing my things. Unfortunately I have no recording.
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