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  1. The Triads had taken notice of the graft Alberto Wong had been putting in recently. They decided he was ready for a promotion. The Incense Master called Alberto and a couple of higher-ups to the ceremonial shrine where Alberto would be promoted to Red Pole. The ceremony includes the lighting of Po's signature lavender incense and staining Alberto's white jacket with red wine to symbolize a deeper connection to the Triads.
  2. Loving the forum! Triads ftw!! 👺
  3. Po decided to change up his look a bit. He wanted something that would strike fear into his enemies, so he went with the coolest style he knew. There's a new sheriff in town, Yeehaw!
  4. The triads plan to have another open day at The Wong Place after the success of the first one. In preparation, Po had his personal butler, Chives (Mark Scott), take him to DCC to talk to his boss about an arrangement Po used his silver tongue during the negotiations and the owner of DCC, Chuck Maggiano, couldn't say no. He pinned Po's message up for all DCC employees to see. After successfully negotiating a deal, Po had Chives drive him back home in his personal limo.
  5. The Triads headed down to Grove Street to introduce themselves to the locals. They met a few men, some of whom lived there, one was a man trying to sell beans. The Triads respect the grind and decided not to touch the bean man. After a short chat, they relieved the other men of their weapons and went on their way.
  6. Forum's looking good, Brucie. Keep it up! 👙
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