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  1. ramin282

    Skulls Mafia

    nice background. good luck
  2. open to negotiate . send me offers
  3. i have two 1g house at jamestown . looking a 2g house to swap
  4. date and time: 18:38 (+3:30) 8/9/2019 character name : King Dpay Bug you are reporting : my house stash is removed.i mean that my house does not have any stashspot at all.but it shall have 500 inventory spaces notes worth mentioning : i talked to sir bakmeel and sir fain they told to talk to an head admin or a developer
  5. ramin282

    ID 23 (DM)

    hi sir @XposeD and @King Polo . im king dpay thanks for the report . i know that was against the rules . his saying is correct and what i have done was incorrect . i apologize him and the admins ; and i will promise to make you sure that will not happen again . i formally apologize and ask the player and admins to forgive me.and the reason that i have done that was just being stressful . i have more experience now and can make sure that wont happen again
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