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  1. Fiftyy

    [SELLING] Karin Futo MAXXED

    Hey. I'm probably going to regret this but here goes. Selling my full maxxed out Karin Futo. It drifts like the wheels are on ice and flies like a bird. Reaches 220 in cities or 205 on the freeway. Fully maxxed out apart from suspension is 2/5.
  2. Fiftyy

    [selling] Pheonix

    Can I ask what the top speed is?
  3. Fiftyy

    Decrease Chop Shop time to 5 Minutes

    If at least they don't make the timer lower I'd settle for this.
  4. I feel that 8 minutes is way too long for chop shop as the amount of times I've been rolled on with only 1 or 2 minutes left is ridiculous. 5 Minutes would be a better option. EDIT: I'm also going to bring into account the fact that you don't actually know where the chopshop is unless you know every location and travel to each one. Plus it sometimes bugs and you cant see the /chopshop text.