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  1. codyhemmelgarn

    Video Evidence Question

    So I've run into so many rule breakers that I'm about fed up with the people on this server. What video software do you guys use to get evidence against rule breakers?
  2. codyhemmelgarn

    MASSIVE Robbing at Fishing Pier and Farms

    Remember how you could barely use the old chop shop because the PD was always watching it? Yeah, that's what needs to happen with the farms. Literally 9/10 times there is someone robbing people at the farms and I never see PD over there. If they actually respond to the call, it takes ages and the robber has already taken everything. I'm going to start a faction that is 100% focused around protecting farmers and see if that helps at least a little bit. If the faction gets enough members, we can have the farms protected by a few armed individuals at all times. I realize there is a faction that says they protect farmers, but they are there like only 5% of the time.
  3. codyhemmelgarn

    [BUYING] Cheap House (1 car garage)

    I don't mind where it is located, just as long as it is cheap. I'm just a poor courier looking for a place to sleep
  4. codyhemmelgarn

    Criminal Faction Questions

    I can't seem to find any information on the server or forum regarding the specifics of criminal factions. I was wondering how I get a warehouse, do drugs jobs, weapons distribution, pretty much everything regarding criminal factions. Those most information I have seen is the F4 page that let's you change the name and description.