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    Ban appealing Andrey Magnetov AKKAZO

    I did RP but PD rejected my RP deaths cuz they shot me maybe 8 times so I was dead already but they just came without rp and healed me πŸ˜‰ then I stoped rp and started OOC true insulted only once and said stupid but it was true isn't? how he could heal me in 10 sec while I was shot 8 times. About different language yes? kurva means not insult it's about sitaution and it means like "fuck this" crap" "bullshit" "not lucky" so i wasnt insulting nobody u can ask anybody who knows this word what does it mean. Peace

    Appealing Andrei_Magnetov

    Knoxi Everybody can say that everyone dm in prison I was killed there maybe 15 times also there is no written that prisin is not crime zone PD station yes but prison is the different place u understand? Please show me where I can find that prison is NCZ ty πŸ˜‰ also I was in prison for the first time and u didint even warned me just banned I see how eill people leave this server because of admins like u srr but it’s true u cant understand simple things like that everyone dm in prison I was in prison 120min but I died about 15 times there so? I dont report them because it’s prison. Irl in prison every day u can see the fights. Also I understand that people are bored that’s ehy they dmed me but idc i dont lost money or time? Because i’m in prison i just cant do anyhting there. So peace and think more about punishments πŸ˜‰ I said that I’m in prison for the first time and tried to make a huge fight with gangs. And i didint warned me just banned xd I hope that this server will not die soon because of u πŸ˜‰
  3. Account name: AKKAZO Character name(s): Andrey Magnetov Admin who issued punishment: Lewis Date of punishment: 09/Aug/2018 20:43 Reason given for punishment: Not here for RP/Excessive Toxicity Your explanation of what happened: Firstly I was shooting man who tried to stole the car and he refused Rp with me and my IC brother because he was alone and we 2 said hands up and he ran. when I we found that guy I started to shoot cuz he didint rp ed so I shot at him cuz he refused RP. then cops was passing us and saw us I was still shooting that guy then PD started to shoot at me I shot at them and pd hit me atleast 8 times. So I rp ed that I'm dead cuz got shot 8 times too much wound but pd just came yo me nd somehow healed in 10 sec 8 wounds ohhhh nice RP but wait! why medics are in this server? not for RP reason like this? but ok nvm. and when I saw that they refused my RP death I started OOC and they could answer me how they can heal me in 10 secs? while I got shot 8 times? just how? they couldnt answer so I said are u stupid or what? how can I stil be alive with 8 wounds? they said it's enough 1 to stop u an u would be dead so they agreed with me that they HAD to agree my RP death So what can I explain more? ohhhh why did Lewis came? u are pd u will always protect your friends like in other servers every admin will protect people who are in his faction also why pd can refuse RP s? they are like gods here can do anything it's was power gaming they cant stop in 10 sec 8 wounds. they had to be banned not me thye feel like they are gods here Why should your appeal be accepted?: It's police fault not mine that they got insulted by refusing RP death while they agreed with me that in real life I would be dead HAHAHAHAAHh and I just said idiot or what nothing else. I don't see the big insult just said true. Post any evidence or further details:

    Selling exemplar


    Appealing Andrei_Magnetov

    Account name:AKKAZO Character name(s):Andrei_Magnetov Admin who issued punishment:knoxi Date of punishment:05/Aug/2018 17:43 Reason given for punishment: DM in prison... explanation of what happened:Just first time came in prison and just hit some people from different gang so I was like it would be cool to beat another gang RP so I started to punsh them I didint know that's NCZ it's prison not police department :))) add to role that prison too not crime zone cuz prison isnt police department πŸ˜‰ and I apologise first time I did something like this and still I wanted to do it in RP mode so I don't think so that I deserved this ban Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because I didn't do anything wrong in my honest opinion. because I didint knew that it's NCZ show me where is written that prison is not crime zone πŸ˜‰ ok thank you waiting for unban evidence or further details: Nothing to show. Peace I apologise