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  1. Sopherion

    Banned Players' Supecars

    While I've not really paid much attention to the goings on regarding supercars (buying/selling/adding/removing/nerfing/etc) and I've been away for a time I feel we may be debating on a different set of information. So, I'll leave it to you, but yeah. Neither of us really have any say.
  2. Sopherion

    Banned Players' Supecars

    I wasn't saying everyone who get perm'd will issue a chargeback. I said, "Wouldn't the individuals who issued the chargebacks...". #NotAllPermBans If they do take a hiatus then so be it, but do so knowing what's at risk. In this case I'm less concerned with their cars and moreso their houses as there are finite. That being said, I am aware of the ratio of player base to housing especially when you consider each player's economic standing.
  3. Sopherion

    Banned Players' Supecars

    Wouldn't the individuals who issued the chargebacks do so irrespective of what happens with their car in-game? It's not like they can use it either way. Also, you're saying that you feel the supercars were removed from dealerships to encourage player-to-player transaction as opposed to buying from an NPC? I haven't been on in like 6 weeks and when I last read the rules cars purchased with credits weren't to be re-sold, iirc. What I am saying is if Player X was banned and does not submit an appeal for, let's say a week, then they clearly aren't that interested in returning. However, if Player X does submit an appeal their assets are to be frozen pending the outcome of the (potentially months-long) appeal process.
  4. Sopherion

    Banned Players' Supecars

    Seeing as you're not supposed to re-sell cars bought with credits I imagine those would get "crushed".
  5. Sopherion

    Banned Players' Supecars

    Not unlike what JackD said, there should be a waiting period to see if there is a ban appeal and how that goes. If it takes longer than, I don't know, a week(?) for them to start the appeal process (or the appeal is altogether denied) then to the auction block their assets go.