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  1. Just a Quick Announcement

    I will no longer be using this forum account, instead I will be using my main account @TheFluciFial for all of my characters. If desired, I give permission for both this account and my @Christopher Permuy account to be deleted. Thank you!
  2. More animations "More Realism feeling!"

    We already have all of the animations you've suggested. To access these animations, do /anim to see the available animations.
  3. untitled

  4. GENERAL STORES TO ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS/BANK ACCOUNT MONEY HOW TO AVOID THIS ISSUE FOOD ITEM | PRICE | HEALTH Banana | $500 | 15 health Apple | $600 | 18 health Coconut | $650 | 20 health Steak Meal | $1000 | 30 health THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE OF PRICES, MORE FOOD ITEMS SHOULD BE ADDED. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It would make a lot of sense for convenient stores to accept credit cards due to the servers intent to simulate real-life scenarios. If you agree with this suggestion or at least part of this suggestion, comment with a +1 as well as feedback :). If you disagree with this suggestion or at least part of this suggestion, comment with a -1 as well as feedback :). Thank you! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S: I have made this suggestion before on my other forum account, Christopher Permuy, and this is pretty much an updated suggestion with explanations and fixes to the comments posted in the previous suggestion. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ/COMMENT ON THIS SUGGESTION. HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GREAT DAY :).
  5. Add 'Enter amount' to the 'Split' command

  6. [Suggestion] Inventory Stack Splitting

    Huge +1 to this. It is very difficult to RP drug deals with out being able to split your drugs.
  7. The Irish Kings MC

    He gave in-game numbers, that is allowed
  8. Inventory system issues

    A HUGE +1
  9. No Crime Zone Suggestion

    Once again, aren't we going for realism? At least be more lenient on the NCZ.
  10. No Crime Zone Suggestion

    NO CRIME ZONE I understand this server is meant to simulate real life, so why do we have No Crime Zones? People commit crimes in hospitals, police stations, banks, and all of the other places all of the time! So, why should this OOC rule be enforced? I understand, some crimes shouldn't be committed and wouldn't be committed, at least usually, at some places, such as murder, armed robbery, and what not, but your going to tell me that people have never stolen cars in-front of banks, or even robbed banks before? I do not agree with the No Crime Zone, because nothing can stop a criminal at heart in real-life, so why should there be that rule in the game? Now, maybe a more acceptable rule would be, not to make your crimes obvious, or not to commit such horrible crimes right in-front of police or medics, and try your best to avoid arrest. Also, there could be a cool-down time, like if you commit a crime in front of the PD, your not allowed to commit another crime in-front of the PD for at least one hour after release from jail. WHY NOT AGREE Most of the people who will disagree with this suggestion are cops who do not wanna have to RP arrests outside of the PD all of the time, which is expected, because I wouldn't either. Once again, people who commit obvious crimes, such as robbing a police officer IN the PD, could face OOC punishment. Or assaulting someone right in-front of a police officer. DEFINITE CRIME ZONES If all of the no-crime-zones are not disposed of, these are the ones that should DEFINITELY get disposed of: Los Santos Bank & Blaine County Savings Bank Department of Motor Vehicles Airport Drop Off Yellow Jack Inn and Tequila-la Once again, the LSPD and LSEMS should also be disposed of as No-Crime-Zones to have realism, but keep in mind the suggested rule from above. +1 IF YOU AGREE, -1 IF YOU DISAGREE (IF YOU -1, EXPLANATION ON WHY IS REQUESTED :))
  11. Offering FREE swimming, FREE food, FREE towels, FREE umbrellas, FREE snorkeling, and FREE social interaction! We also offer games such as: Football, Ultimate Frisbee, and Beer Pong. BRING MONEY FOR ALCOHOL! Discounts will be offered to employees of Weazel News, Los Santos Police Department, and Los Santos Emergency Medical Services. Please bring proof of employment in order to receive discounts. ALSO BRING YOUR CARS! We will have a place for cars to be lined up as a car show. WEAR MASKS AS COSTUMES! You can wear a mask as a costume, and feel free to dress according to your costume :) TIME AND DATE: Friday, October 27th, 2017 at 8:00 PM EDT. HOPEFULLY A LOT OF PEOPLE ATTEND AND HAS A GREAT TIME :)!
  12. [1.2.0] [2017-10-24] ECLIPSE Roleplay

  13. [1.2.0] [2017-10-24] ECLIPSE Roleplay

    Wasn't that already the max jail time?
  14. Invitation's to the Wedding Celebration goes out to the following: Scott Turf Chuck Mangione Christopher Permuy Nikolai Molotov Kelly Turtle Andor Rootman Ben Coenig Sayvon Reece PLEASE RSVP VIA LIFE INVADER ((DISCORD Flucifial#0884))
  15. 45 purchasable businesses