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  1. Christopher Permuy

    The Funniest Arrest Known To Man

    This video is the funniest arrest ever! My character was trespassing, the cop pulls up, tells me he'll hook me up with drugs, then lets me get in his car, takes me to my car to get my drugs, and then this happened. BEST ARREST EVER!
  2. Christopher Permuy

    Not Having To Pay Cash At General Stores

    I find the idea of having to pay cash at the store rather dumb... any general store in the real world would most likely accept credit cards. So instead of having to pay cash at the general store, why not allow general stores to accept bank money too?
  3. Christopher Permuy

    The Crispy News Agency RESIGNATION.

    (( I was posting this ICly... I use photoshop on my computer in my office in game, and I am getting a high def phone camera. ))
  4. Christopher Permuy

    The Crispy News Agency RESIGNATION.

    Lol it is white... I'm working on a better def picture don't worry.
  5. Christopher Permuy

    The Crispy News Agency RESIGNATION.

    October 7th, 2017 Christopher Permuy Crispy News Agency Dear Citizens of Los Santos, Unfortunately, I was a little quick to make a big decision, and I founded a company, without thinking of my background... a lying, drug addicted, 35 year old man who robs people to make money. I founded the CNA, Crispy News Agency, without consulting my friends and family... and it backfired in my face. I realized, I am not ready to become a retired criminal, and am stepping down as CEO of the CNA. I will be handing all ownership powers, to my son, Tommy Permuy, who is a very nice, young man who turns 18 tomorrow, October 8th! It was fun for the short 6 hours it lasted. Being that I am no-longer the CEO of the Crispy News Agency, I am hereby a reborn criminal, and am looking for anyone/any-gang to work with in-order to become a successful big time drug/gun dealer and robber. Thank you, Christopher Permuy
  6. Christopher Permuy

    [Crispy News Agency] Applications OPEN

    The Crispy News Agency is at this time NO LONGER accepting new applications. If you are in desperate need of employment, please call Tommy Permuy at 4236663. **Read the employee handbook**
  7. Christopher Permuy

    The Crispy Auto-Biography

    The Crispy Auto-Biography [PART ONE] By: Christopher Permuy Chapter One: Growing Up I was born on July 21st, 1982, in a pretty bad part of Liberty City. I have a brother, named Jeffery. Him and I are like complete opposites, even though we are feternal twins... he is more like a goodie-two-shoes type of guy, I am more of a do what you need to do type guy. We called ourselves cousins for so long, but I got drunk, and spilled the beans, so now everyone know's him and I are cousins. Being born in Liberty City, I got mixed up with the wrong people, met a few people, and started doing some small time robberies. My brother got sick and tired of me, and moved out to Los Santos, and left me behind with little to nothing. I then met this girl, Tricia, who I loved very much, and got into a pretty intimate relationship with her. But then, my mom kicked me out of the house. I gave my brother a call, and he said he could fly me out to Los Santos to start a new life, but only me, meaning I would have to leave Tricia behind. When I told her the news, she flipped out at me, slapped me a few times, then stabbed me in the back, in-which thankfully, I survived. After spending a month in the hospital, I called my brother back, and him and I made the deal of a life time. Chapter Two: The Deal Of A Life Time The deal was, if I stopped using drugs, and got a real job, that my brother would provide me an apartment, all paid by him for one year, and a savings bank containing approximately $7,500. I accepted the deal, and was flown out to Los Santos the next day, and picked up by my brother, Jeffery, formally known as Michael. You may be a little confused... Jeffery was born as Michael Permuy, but changed his name after he was framed for something, to Michael Kidd. He then moved to Los Santos, where he was drugged at a bar, and arrested for "Indecent Exposure" and "Vandalism" for doing some unrepeatable things to a vending machine at the Los Santos Police Department. After, the arrest, he changed his name to Jeffery Permuy, and took his old last name back, not thinking it could get him mixed up with me. Anyway, I landed in Los Santos, and got picked up by a nice taxi driver, who I have actually became pretty good friends with, known as Chuck Mangione. Chuck, a very nice guy, and a hard worker, showed me a little bit around the city, and got me my first job as a Trucker, after getting my Truckers License. After I got the job, Jeffery gave me my new bank account, and apartment. Things were looking very good. Chapter Three: Things Take A Turn After a hard day of trucking, I went to the bank, and got my paycheck, which was a nice $2,000! I then decided that I would need a car, so I took a trip to the Atomic Dealership, just south of the LSPD, and bought myself a nice used White Warrener. After that purchase, I had a good $1,000 left, so I decided to go have a little fun at Tequila-la, played a quick poker game, and had a couple shots of whisky. After that, I needed to get home, but I had a hard time getting out of the bar, and into my car, but I still did it. On my way home, I was pulled over by an officer, and was asked to show my Drivers License, Registration, and Proof of Insurance. There was one small issue, I did not have insurance yet, as it was a brand new car. After stating I did not have insurance, the officer asked me to step out of my car, and put my hands on my head for a frisking. Me being a little tipsy, I didn't think anything of it. The officer then claimed he smelt whisky in my breath, and proceeded to do alcohol testings on me. Unfortunately, the breathalyzer read 0.12% alcohol readings, and that was above the limit, or so the officer claimed, and proceeded to place me in handcuffs. I was then read my rights, and told I was being arrested for "Impaired Driving" and issued a citation for "Driving Without Insurance". I was then transported to the LSPD, and placed in jail for 30 days, and issued a 3 day licence suspension. This was not good at all. Chapter Four: Losing Everything After being released from jail, I attempted to call my brother on a nearby pay phone. He picked up, asked who was calling, and once I told him it was me, he hung up right away. I then called a taxi, and went to my apartment, which was no longer my apartment, and instead had an eviction notice on it. I then went to pick up my car at the impound lot, and was told I'd need $10,000 to get my car. I had no-where near that kind of money, so I left. I then met this guy, Nate, who introduced me into the life of a criminal, and invited me into his gang, and got some pretty good benefits. But then after a while, Nate and I both got bored, and Nate decided to fly out to Vice City to spend some time with his family, leaving me back in Los Santos, again with nothing. Now I really do believe in Karma. I did the same thing to Tricia, and now it is happening to me. PART TWO IS COMING VERY SOON!