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  1. Nope, when I went back my PC was in the "windows repairing" phase, so it took time. I had no conversation with my friend until he came back from dinner, he tried to call me but my phone was obviously busy. My steering wheel is configurated to stay in a "stick mode" to use it in games like Elite Dangerous, without a re-center or FFB, but I didn't realized that this would be a problem or cause something like that. I uninstalled that driver so this will not happen again. I hope I've been exhaustive, thank you for investigating my appeal. Have a great day.
  2. Character name(s): Emanuele Latino Admin who issued punishment: Emulsify Date of punishment: 06/08/2020 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: Bypassing AFK Your explanation of what happened: I had to move away from the PC for an important call and my pc took an input from my steering wheel, that I pushed while moving away from the desk. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I didn't know that my character was moving because it was an important call on the phone and I went on my balcony for a better signal, and when I went back at the desk I realized that my PC had a crash, and when I went back online a permanent ban was on my screen. I was totally clueless of what happened, a friend of mine told me anything after an hour more or less. Please consider my appeal, because I would like to continue playing on this server. Thank you, and have a good day.
  3. Looking for a house, 1G/2G, outside the city #5163953
  4. Looking for a 2/3G house, northern San Andreas (Blaine County, Grand Senora Desert ecc.) #5163953
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