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  1. why is my cursor not moving on the log in scren/character choose screen.

    1. Lisbeth


      You have to go in your mouse settings (in game) and put the mouse at raw input under the controls tab

  2. Takeoff


    Good video, somehow the cop involved got a promotion after this...lmao
  3. Takeoff


    Cool idea, but not in stores as their illegal and that wouldn't make any sense. However their needs to be some sort of flaw in the system, because if someone gets arrested, they could force time out and not return for a while, then when they do and theirs no cops around, get their friend to let them loose. What the flaw could be, I have no idea.
  4. Takeoff

    Richy Deneiro and or Deshawn Carter - KoS

    I'm a member of LSPD. We got a call by Richy Deneiro stating he had been shot(he got revived, no NLR), taking this fact into consideration there was no reason for Richy to not go and tell his friends he had been shot and plan revenge, due to the events that took place(Mike being shot), this seems like the case. Richy got shot, didn't die, came back for revenge, shot Mike, to me it's not DM in any way shape or form. I responded to the 911 call of Mike being shot, I then crashed, i logged back in within a few minutes, hopped in my cruiser and begin to leave the scene, as I was a fair distance away from the scene, I heard more gun shots, due to the video showing Richy and Treshawn coming back, I'm assuming those shots were from them, meaning there was no 30 minutes passed at all, it was 10 minutes at the most, and to be honest, I don't even think 10. Therefore the KOS rule doesn't apply here either. From what I seen no deathmatching was committed nor was KOS as they both had valid reasons to shoot you(Treshawn got fired/Richy got shot) and 30 minutes didn't pass either.
  5. Takeoff


    How come?
  6. Takeoff


    Anyone agree?, It will liven up the server and make it feel more energetic and attract players to stay due to the roads not being empty for the majority of the time, I really feel like all GTA V RP servers need a light amount of NPC as the map is so big its hard to show the server is active within.
  7. Takeoff


    I've seen some other gta v rp servers and they add like a light amount of NPC. It gives the server a better feel as it makes it more lively and fun to play due to the realism, it fits in well with roleplay as well due to their actually being vehicles on the road instead of the majority of roads being clear. I feel it would greatly improve the server and make it more fun to play!
  8. Love this server!