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  1. Let me get this right? Someone builds a mod and releases it for free and others make money on the mod of someone's work and does not abide by the EULA? If people are hungry for money i think that a job in the real world would pay more then donations for ingame pointless vehicles. i mean i work hard for my money to donate 100$ bucks for a ingame car. id rather give an honest donation of my choosing and not expect anything in return. But then again money is money...

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    2. RaidenRising


      At the end of the day EC-RP violated the EULA simple as that and got blacklisted. Any side points of reasoning to why they did violate the EULA, whether be allegations of GTMP stole code or what not is irrelevant.

      You cant violate an EULA and then get blacklisted then say oh hey we changed it can we get off the blacklist?
      lol doesn't work like that not on here, not in the real world, not ever. When you violate something and wanna test peoples will you get punished. Eclipse played with fire and got burned. Sucks cause the server was the best one out, now with no new players doesn't seem to be fun anymore.

    3. RaidenRising


      Also, GTMP did not steal the code. What happened was when they were developing the code GTMP thought to take the mod one way and GTA:N thought otherwise. SO, they split. Both contributed to this mod. unless you worked with them then you cant make an assumption. What really happened is a team of developers split thats where GTMP came from. They all coded together and this isn't a real company its GTA:N has no legal rights to its work because its not copyrighted and or contracts given to there developers. Hence, it becomes open source for anyone to use. If you dont protect your "Ideas " they can be used by other people simple as that. Reason why we have laws. Anyways, GTMP and GTA:N were taking the mod in 2 different directions both equally contributed to the code. Then when GTMP became its own they did alot more development then GTA:N.

    4. NobodyLTU


      Seems that people don't like developed servers and prefer playing on freeroam ones.