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Sons of Superior MC

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There is always a beginning. - Marcus Benedict, ca. 1992

Sons always make it till the end or until their end. - Francis Jackson. ca. 1995

Once a son, always a son. - James L. Tarantino, ca. 1996.



The early year of 1983 there were a group of friends that were all about the ride or die motto. James L. Tarantino, Marcus Benedict, Edgar Saxen, and Francis Jackson were the founding fathers of Sons of Superior MC. Due to complications with Edgar, the 3 friends decided to cut him off the project. Edgar didn't take it lightly and proceeded through his own path. These friends go way back, they even served in the Cold War together in 1985-1991. When they came back from the war they almost lost everything, they used to be a bunch of soldiers. Now, founders of Sons of Superiors Motorcycle Club. The club was the only thing they could lean on since the government gave up on the war heroes. Even though the dark path they were heading down, with drug and gun distribution and other illegal businesses. They cover their illegal businesses with legal ones and still remains undetected from the police radar. Police are still suspicious of these illegal activities. They never lost faith in the club or the brothers. It was all they had. A bunch of brothers they could trust and that are there for each other no matter the cost. The one thing the system abandoned was helping war heroes during and after the war and instead only gave a medal for each veteran. They failed them. 

Ca. 1996 one of the founders was found murdered, on the body, there was a note stating "We're coming for you all, lifeless times has arrived." Sons of Superior MC went on an uproar and decided to form alliances with Motorcycle clubs and declared war against others that stood in their way. In the year 2000 members of the First 7 decided to give the "president" patch over to another worthy member of SSMC. The patch "President" was passed on to Oscar Tarantino through a vote that was held by the first 7 a year back. Even though one of first 7 wasn't alive, six of them made that last decision. SSMC is still at war with most motorcycle clubs. The death of Francis Jackson still remains unsolved. Most members of the First 7 retired later in 2003.



Sons of Superior Motorcycle Club gathered every member for an emergency meeting about the recent murder of Francis Jackson. They had a mourning about Jackson and quickly after encouraged the whole club to search through every square inch for the so-called "coward murderer." The members of the MC searched or anything to find something that could lead to a clue at least. This lead to multiple wars between SSMC and other biker clubs. Further down the bloody path recently followed there would be more deceased Brothers. Only because of this rampage that James L. Tarantino had fallen into. Tarantino asked around for favors, from allied motorcycle clubs, to help them find this unknown killer. The uproar was of no help at all, it only left more blood on James Tarantino's hands.



Oscar Tarantino, son of James L. Tarantino, the current President of SSMC. Swore that he would find the killer, before the patch was passed on to him, before his retirement. After a decade Went by Oscar was going through a low point in his Life he cracked open a bottle of whiskey and looked through some case files for the murder of Francis Jackson. Looking through that old note that was placed on Jackson's body. Reading it over and over again he would finally understand the hidden message. At least what he thought was a hidden message. "We're coming for you all, lifeless times has arrived." Letters were a bit different from the rest, spelling out L-S-M-S or LSMC. During that year they declared war against a ton of MC clubs, only the big ones. Lifeless MC was one of the clubs that were smaller than the others, which lead to the decision to not start a war against.

- "The president of that club was a close friend though? Why would he? Originally there were four friends…", Oscar would ask himself.

To Be Continued. More chapters to come!



FIRST 7: "The original seven members of the club, Sons of Superior."

PRESIDENT: "President is the leader, usually take cares of media and police problems. The president is also the chairman in club meetings."

VICE PRESIDENT: "The Vice President is the second leader of the club, usually takes care of the meetings so they end satisfactorily."

SGT. AT ARMS: "SGT. AT ARMS, keeps meetings in order and will warn any disruptive member from the meeting, also is responsible for the security of the clubhouse."

ROAD CAPTAIN: "During runs on the road, the road captain is always responsible, if they come to an unexpected stop he will act as a ranking club officer."

ENFORCER: "Makes sure all members play by the club laws, The enforcer also protects the club reputation and all member of the club during combat"

PROSPECTS: "Newcomer, has to prove themselves multiple times before advancing ranks. The lowest rank of the MC Club."

HANGAROUND: "No actual ties to the MC, legal or illegal."



Billy McKee  UNKNOWN "Under the radar" 

James L. Tarantino  ALIVE, RETIRED

Marcus Benedict  ALIVE, RETIRED

Michael Renegade  ALIVE, RETIRED

Robert Quentin  ALIVE

Francis Jackson  DECEASED

Edgar Saxen  KICKED, ALIVE (Currently with LFMC)



Eric Quentin  ALIVE



John Jackson  ALIVE



Victor Alexandros  ALIVE







Heavy roleplay! Basically, if you know how to roleplay then you're probably eligible to join.

Be Active! All members should be active as much as possible.

Must understand MC! If you want to join make sure you know at least something about the lifestyle of an MC member.

Know your language! You should have the ability to communicate fluently in English or at least decently.

Listen and do! If orders have been given from a higher rank, follow them at all cost when roleplaying.

Leaving without notice! Leaving the MC without notice can result in you being an enemy of the MC.




Send a message! Message me through discord if you would like to join the MC, Liinux#5919. Recruitments happen IC.


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Change of Presidency.
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