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The Black Lotus

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Dear citizens of Los Santos,

There is a new crime syndicate in town called The Black Lotus
This organization was founded by European immigrants with heritage in the former British colony of Hong Kong.
The Black Lotus is one of the new secretive Chinese mafia groups arriving in the United States. The family in control of the Black Lotus is the Yoko family.
The diverse cultural backgrounds that flow through the Yoko bloodline has as result that the Yoko's can cooperate with the multiple nationalities in Los Santos.

Services of the Black Lotus

The Black Lotus has multiple services and goods to offer, to use these one must sign a contract where the exact details of the job, and the costs are stated.
If the Black Lotus and the client accept the contract the client will then proceed to pay 50% of the agreed sum up front, and the other 50% after completion of the contract.

The services:

- Assasinations
-Personal security (Bodyguarding a person or group of people)
-Territory security (A turf, location, meeting)
-High value asset transportation
- Mercenary work (Full hire of the Black Lotus)
-Buying and selling of vehicles
- Espionage

Black Lotus organization structure

Dragon Master
        Vanguard------- Deputy Dragon Master ------ Incense Master

                                                  (Operations Officer)          (Deputy leader)            (Ceremonies Master)                                       
                               White Paper Fan -----------------------Red Pole----------------------------- Straw sandal                              
 (Administrator)                                  (Enforcer)                                       (Liaison Officer)

            49ers------------Blue Lanterns
     (Ordinary Members)      (Uninitiated members)


How to join the Black Lotus

In order to become part of the Black Lotus you can contact The Dragon Master or the Incense master via a call or text.
They will meet with you and assess if you fit in The Black Lotus.

(Details in video)

Phone numbers in Video


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