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Snow Rules

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These rules are temporary in effect during the period in which Eclipse Roleplay has snow enabled on the server. The goal with these rules is to enforce semi-realistic behavior to maximize immersion during this period. Violations of these rules will be reviewed under our Non-Roleplay general rule. 

1. General Roleplay Environment

  • Players are expected to wear appropriate clothing for the snowy weather. In the event that a player wishes to roleplay e.g. a mental condition, this will be taken into consideration should it be put under staff review. 
  • During the snow period, snowballs can be gathered from the ground. When the snow period ends, players are expected to put them away or remove them from their inventories. 

2. Vehicle Environment

  • Non-Off Road Bikes should be stored in a garage/parking lot/mors insurance during the snow period, players that must travel to these locations must do so but should do so at a slow speed. 
  • Non-Off Road Vehicles should have appropriate tires applied to them or be stored in a garage/parking lot/mors insurance during the snow period. This does not apply to faction vehicles as those tires can't be changed by mechanics.
  • Players are expected to drive according to weather conditions, which means that they should not be going around at speed cap constantly. 


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