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Hi, some of you know me as Daniel Skyline from NGG(samp) and yes I came here to check out gta v rp and play(hopefully for a long period of time), we(old url members) are most likely going to start our own crew and roam around like we used to back before when url was not even a thing, griding from the 0 and hopefully become the best driver around here. 

Now I heard that mr Cuhz is leading one url here already, hopefully we get some good rivalvy (:

Regarding those who don't know who i am, basically I played rp servers for past 6-7 years, mainly I'm focusing on car mechanic stuff and racing.. regarding how I rp(under normal conditions) I'm not trying to be some sort of guy who's going to write down 10 lines of rp just to buy food or something because imo that doesn't make any sense, but when I rp something it need to be legit(for example there's no way I'd ever approve someone saying that he was 12 cylinders in 1.6 engine)

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