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Hey guys, first time applying to an RP server on GTA:V!! I fiddled around on a couple servers listed on FiveM but everything seemed entirely too jumbled up and disorganized, googled around and found this server. So I am seeing how I will fit in and how things will run :). My RP experience comes from Arma 2, Takistan Life. I started off as a drug runner, then slowly decided that wasn't the life for me and started my life as a PMC. 

After Arma 3 came out, I got pretty hooked onto A3L (Arma 3 Life), server was great in the beginning but they definitely....definitely favored streamers and anyone that brought in players and they just basically got away with everything, so I left. Shortly afterwards the server died, I would assume a mixture of the favoritism and a map overhaul that some weren't a fan of. But up until that point it was great, tons of other good people, opportunities etc. There on that server I was a paramedic for a couple months until I applied for LEO, got my interview, went through the process and around that time I was throwing in the towel so unfortunately, didn't get to play much as a police officer. 

Now...here I am, haha, trying to get back into the mix with a good crowd of people and have some fun!

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